1982 White Heart – White Heart

White Heart is the first album by the contemporary Christian music band White Heart and the band’s only album with Steve Green on lead vocals.

White Heart, also listed as Whiteheart, is a contemporary Christian music pop-rock band which formed in 1982. White Heart’s discography includes thirteen albums, the most recent of which was released in 1997. Original members Billy Smiley and Mark Gersmehl worked with a continually-changing cast of band-mates. In 1985, former roadie Rick Florian became the lead singer.

Although White Heart has not officially “retired” as a band, remaining members Smiley, Gersmehl and Florian are each pursuing other interests. Smiley started his own label, Cul-de-Sac Records. Gersmehl continues to write music and has released solo efforts. Florian is a real estate agent in the Franklin, Tennessee area and also continues to sing for various recording projects.


1  Hold On (Mark Gersmehl) 3:40
2  You’re The One (Billy Smiley, Mark Gersmehl) 3:59
3  Listen To The Lonely (Billy Smiley, Mark Gersmehl) 3:55
4  He’s Returning (Mark Gersmehl) 4:25
5  Carry On (Billy Smiley, Mark Gersmehl) 3:54
6  Guiding Light (Billy Smiley) 3:20
7  Everyday (Billy Smiley, Dann Huff, Gary McSpadden) 5:01
8  Nothing Can Take This Love (Billy Smiley) 3:57
9  Black Is White (Billy Smiley, Gary McSpadden, Michael W Smith) 3:17
10  Go Down Niveveh (Billy Smiley) 4:45



Bass Gary Lunn
Drums David Huff
Guitar Dann Huff
Guitar Billy Smiley
Keyboards Billy Smiley
Keyboards Mark Gersmehl
Percussion David Huff
Background Vocals Mark Gersmehl
Vocals Steve Green
Vocals Dann Huff
Vocals Billy Smiley

Other Musicians

1 Hold On

Percussion Mark Morris

2 You’re The One

Guitar Billy Smiley

3 Listen To The Lonely

Percussion Mark Morris

4 He’s Returning

Synthesizer Mark Gersmehl
Percussion Mark Morris

5 Carry On

Percussion Mark Morris

7 Everyday

Piano Phil Naish
Rhodes Phil Naish
Sax Sam Levine
Percussion Mark Morris
Vocals Sandi Patti

8 Nothing Can Take This Love

Organ Mark Gersmehl
Percussion Mark Morris
Percussion Dennis Holt

9 Black Is White

Piano Michael W. Smith
Percussion David Huff
Percussion Mello Mel
Background Vocals Greg Guidry

10 Go Down Niveveh

Percussion David Huff

Liner Notes

Producer – Billy Smiley, Dann Huff
Executive Producer – Chris Christian
Mixed By – Chris Christian, Jeff Balding
Recorded By – Jeff Balding