1971 Jeff Sturges – Jeff Sturges And Universe

Jeff Sturges And Universe is, as far my research reach, the only album by arranger and conductor Jeff Sturges, released in 1971.


1  Junior Saw It Happen (Jim Plute) 2:24
2  Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother (Mark Farmer) 7:20
3  Never In My Life (Corky Laing, Felix Pappalardi, Gail Collins, Leslie West) 4:18
4  Clown (The Flock) 7:49
5  Rice Pudding (Jeff Beck, Nicky Hopkins, Ron Wood, Tony Newman) 7:11
6  Mississippi Queen (Corky Laing, David Rea, Felix Pappalardi, Leslie West) 3:53
7  Acid West (Jeff Sturges) 8:47
8  Keep On Burnin’ (Larry Devers, Terry Ryan) 2:58


Bass Don Baldwin
Bass Dennis Kelly
Drums Jimmy Manone
Guitar Dean Parks
Organ Hal Stesch
Piano Hal Stesch
French Horn Arthur Maebe
French Horn Aubrey Bouck
French Horn Ralph Pollock
French Horn Richard Perrisi
Sax Archie Wheeler
Sax Burt Esterman
Sax Don Menza
Sax Gary Freyman
Sax John Phillips
Trombone Jim Trimble
Trombone Dan Trinter
Trombone William Booth
Trumpet Bobby Shew
Trumpet Derek Watkins
Trumpet Jon Murakami
Trumpet Rich Cooper
Trumpet Tom Porrello
Percussion Roger Rampton
Conductor Jeff Sturges

Liner Notes

Producer – Johnnie Spence
Arranged By – Jeff Sturges
Mixed By – Peter Rynston
Recorded By – Reice Hamel

Distributed By – London Records, Inc.
Recorded At – Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
Pressed By – Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman