1982 Toyah – Warrior Rock (Live)

Warrior Rock: Toyah On Tour is a live double LP recorded on 17 July and 18 July 1982 at London’s Hammersmith Odeon at the end of Toyah’s 25 date The Changeling tour.

The original vinyl release of this album was the only Toyah record to be issued in a gatefold sleeve.

Toyah was an English new wave band fronted by Toyah Willcox between 1977 and 1983. The only other consistent band member throughout this period was Joel Bogen, Willcox’s principal co-writer and guitarist.


1  Good Morning Universe (Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen) 05:08
2  Warrior Rock (Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen, Phil Spalding) 03:45
3  Danced (Toyah Willcox,Joel Bogen, Pete Bush) 06:56
4  Jungles Of Jupiter (Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen, Phil Spalding) 05:51
5  It’s A Mystery (Keith Hale) 04:49
6  Castaways (Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen) 04:56
7  Angel And Me (Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen) 05:14
8  Brave New World (Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen) 06:09
9  The Packt (Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen) 06:36
10  Thunder In The Mountains (Toyah Willcox, Adrian Lee, Nigel Glockler) 04:21
11  We Are (Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen) 03:19
12  I Want To Be Free (Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen) 06:11
13  Dawn Chorus (Toyah Willcox, Joel Bogen, Phil Spalding) 04:35
14  War Boys (Toyah Willcox) 04:37
15  Ieya (Toyah Willcox,Joel Bogen, Pete Bush) 07:06


BassPhil Spalding
DrumsSimon Phillips
GuitarJoel Bogen
KeyboardsKeith Hale
VocalsToyah Willcox

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