1982 KISS – Creatures Of The Night

Creatures of the Night is the 10th studio album by Kiss, released in 1982. It is the band’s last for Casablanca Records, the only label for which Kiss had recorded up to this point. The album was dedicated to the memory of Casablanca founder and early Kiss supporter Neil Bogart, who had died of cancer during the recording sessions. It is also the band’s last album recorded with Ace Frehley credited as an official member (until 1998’s Psycho Circus), and its first album with Vinnie Vincent as the initially uncredited lead guitarist (Vincent would later be credited but not featured on the cover of the 1985 reissue of the album). It was also the band’s last album to feature the band with their trademark makeup until Psycho Circus was released.


Creatures Of The Night (Paul Stanley, Adam Mitchell) 4:03
2  Saint And Sinner (Gene Simmons, Mikel Japp) 4:50
3  Keep Me Comin\’ (Paul Stanley, Adam Mitchell) 3:55
4  Rock And Roll Hell (Gene Simmons, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance) 4:12
5  Danger (Paul Stanley, Adam Mitchell) 3:56
6  I Love It Loud (Gene Simmons, Vinnie Vincent) 4:15
7  I Still Love You (Paul Stanley, Vinnie Vincent) 6:06
8  Killer (Gene Simmons, Vinnie Vincent) 3:20
9  War Machine (Gene Simmons, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance) 4:14


Bass Gene Simmons
Drums Eric Carr
Guitar Vinnie Vincent
Guitar Paul Stanley

Other Musicians

1 Creatures Of The Night

Bass Mike Porcaro
Guitar Steve Farris
Vocals Paul Stanley

2 Saint And Sinner

Vocals Gene Simmons

3 Keep Me Comin\’

Vocals Paul Stanley


4 Rock And Roll Hell

Guitar Robben Ford
Vocals Gene Simmons

5 Danger

Bass Jimmy Haslip
Guitar Bob Kulick
Vocals Paul Stanley

6 I Love It Loud

Vocals Gene Simmons

7 I Still Love You

Bass Eric Carr
Guitar Robben Ford
Vocals Paul Stanley

8 Killer

Vocals Gene Simmons

9 War Machine

Guitar Gene Simmons
Vocals Gene Simmons

Liner Notes

Producer – Gene Simmons, Michael James Jackson, Paul Stanley
Engineer – Dave Wittman
Engineer (Assistant) – David Bianco, Kevin Eddy, Ricky Delano
Mastered By – George Marino
Mixed By – Bob Clearmountain
Recorded By (Drums, Assistant) – Richard Bosworth
Recorded By (Drums) – Niko Bolas

Photography By – Bernard Vidal

Recorded at the Record Plant, L.A.
Drums recorded at Record One, L.A.
Drums on A3 recorded at Media Sound, N.Y.
Drums and tuning: Shep Lonsdale, Ron Grenell.
Mixed at the Power Station, N.Y.
Mastered at Sterling Sound, N.Y