2005 Steve Vai – Various Artists – Archives Vol. 4

Various Artists – Archives Vol. 4 is a collection of songs Steve Vai has contributed to other projects and records including Public Image Ltd., tracks from the Hendrix tribute In From The Storm with the London Symphony Orchestra, and a collaboration with Chick Corea from The Songs Of West Side Story, among others.

Originally only available through Vai.com as Volume 5 “The Secret Jewel Box”, this album was re-released by Favored Nations in 2005. The CD booklet features Steve’s commentary on each track.


1  Sweet Lady Luck (Adrian Vandenberg; David Coverdale) 04:33
2  The Rumble (Leonard Bernstein) 08:01
3  Ease (Jebin Bruni; John Lydon) 08:08
4  Home (Bill Laswell; John Lydon) 05:38
5  Western Vacation (Martin Schwartz) 08:15
6  Noah’s Ark (Matt Bissonette) 06:11
7  Drifting (Jimi Hendrix) 04:01
8  Bold as Love (Jimi Hendrix) 05:08
9  There’s Still Hope (Bob Harris) 06:46
10  Autumn in Nepal (Bob Harris) 08:20
11  Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper; Ian Richardson; Mark Manning; Nick Coler) 04:35
12  Der Holle Rache (Queen of the Night) (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 02:59
13  Gone (Lillian Vai; Steve Vai) 02:47


1 Sweet Lady Luck

BassRudy Sarzo
DrumsTommy Aldridge
GuitarSteve Vai
Background VocalsTommy Funderburk
VocalsDavid Coverdale

2 The Rumble

BassJimmy Earl
BassJohn Pena
DrumsDave Weckl
DrumsSimon Phillips
GuitarFrank Gambale
GuitarSteve Vai
RhodesChick Corea
SynthesizerChick Corea
SynthesizerDavid Paich
SynthesizerGreg Phillinganes
SaxEric Marienthal
PercussionJoe Porcaro
PercussionLenny Castro

3 Ease

BassBill Laswell
DrumsGinger Baker
GuitarSteve Vai
GuitarNicky Skopelitis
VocalsJohn Lydon

4 Home

BassBill Laswell
DrumsGinger Baker
GuitarSteve Vai
GuitarNicky Skopelitis
VocalsJohn Lydon

5 Western Vacation

BassJac Mihanovic
DrumsChris Frazier
GuitarReckless Fable
GuitarMartin Schwartz
KeyboardsTommy Mars
SaxRic Cunningham
PercussionChris Frazier
Background VocalsTommy Mars
VocalsBob Harris

6 Noah’s Ark

DrumsGregg Bissonette
GuitarSteve Vai
Background VocalsMatt Bissonette
VocalsGregg Bissonette

7 Drifting

BassBilly Cox
DrumsTony Beard
GuitarSteve Vai
GuitarHiram Bullock
VibesDave Samuels
VocalsCorey Glover

8 Bold as Love

BassBob Daisley
DrumsTony Williams
GuitarSteve Vai
VocalsPaul Rodgers

9 There’s Still Hope

GuitarSteve Vai
PercussionBilly James
KeyboardsBob Harris
TrumpetBob Harris
VocalsBob Harris

10 Autumn in Nepal

SitarSteve Vai
KeyboardsBob Harris
PercussionBilly James
VocalsBob Harris

11 Feed My Frankenstein

BassNikki Sixx
DrumsMickey Curry
GuitarSteve Vai
GuitarJoe Satriani
GuitarStef Burns
KeyboardsJohn Webster
KeyboardsRobert Bailey
Background VocalsIan Richardson
Background VocalsMick Wilson
Background VocalsNick Coler
Background VocalsCalico Cooper
Background VocalsGary Falcone
Background VocalsMike Finnigan
Background VocalsShaun Murphy
Background VocalsSherwood Ball
Background VocalsStan Bush
Background VocalsTerry Wood
VocalsAlice Cooper

12 Der Holle Rache (Queen of the Night)

DrumsJosh Freese
GuitarSteve Vai
GuitarClif Magness
KeyboardsClif Magness
SynthesizerClif Magness
PercussionClif Magness
VocalsLori Stinson

13 Gone

GuitarSteve Vai
VocalsLillian Vai

Other Musicians

Orchestra – The London Metropolitan Orchestra (Tracks 7, 8)

Liner Notes

Producer – Keith Olsen, Mike Clink (Track 1)
Producer – David Pack (Track 2)
Producer – Bill Laswell, John Lydon (Tracks 3, 4)
Producer – Martin Schwartz (Track 5)
Producer – Peter Collins (Track 11)
Producer – Clif Magness (Track 12)
Producer – Steve Vai (Track 13)
Producer (Executive ) – Michael Greene (Track 2)
Producer (Executive) – Carol Bayer Sager (Track 12)
Arranged By – David Pack, Chick Corea, David Pack, David Paich, John Dickson (Track 2)
Arranged By – Martin Schwartz (Track 5)
Arranged By – Eddie Kramer, Joe Mardin (Track 8)
Arranged By – Clif Magness (Track 12)
Arranged By (Co) – Bob Harris, Chris Frazier, Jac Mihanovic (Track 5)
Arranged By (Orchestra) – Eddie Kramer, Joe Mardin (Track 7)
Arranged By (Rhythm Assistant) – Dave Weckl, Simon Phillips (Track 2)
Arranged By (Vocals) – Bob Harris (Track 5)
Conductor – Joe Mardin (Tracks 7, 8)
Effects (Sound Effects) – Robert Grieve (Track 2)
Engineer – Allen Sides (Track 2)
Engineer – Clif Magness, Francis Buckley (Track 12)
Engineer (Assistant) – Brian Scheuble (Track 11)
Mastered By – John Matousek (Track 5)
Mastered By (Assistance) – Paul Levy (Track 5)
Mixed By – Martin Schwartz, Paul Levy (Track 5)
Mixed By – Francis Buckley (Track 12)
Orchestrated By – Joe Mardin (Tracks 7, 8)
Other (Supervising Executive) – James Berk (Track 2)
Recorded By – Paul Levy (Track 5)
Recorded By – Brian Sperber, Eddie Kramer (Track 7)
Recorded By – Eddie Kramer, Rail Rogut (Track 8)
Recorded By – Paul Northfield (Track 11)
Recorded By (Assistant) – Jamie Chaleff (Track 7)
Recorded By (Orchestra) – Mike Ross-Trevor (Tracks 7, 8)
Recorded By (Orchestra Assistance) – Will (Tracks 7, 8)

Artwork By – Priscila Bara, Steve Vai, Ciruelo Cabral

Mastered At Hitsville
Mixed At Stucco Blue Studios
Recorded At Oceanway Studio 1
Recorded At Stucco Blue Studios
Recorded At Sunset Sound
Recorded At Mad Hatter Studios
Recorded At The Mothership
Recorded At Electric lady Studios, NY
Recorded At Whitfield Street Studios, London
Phonographic Copyright Light Without Heat
Copyright SyVy Music

Orchestra – The London Metropolitan Orchestra (Tracks 7, 8)