1971 Jack Daugherty – The Class Of Nineteen Hundred And Seventy One

Jack Daugherty (August 13, 1930 – February 2, 1991) was an American musician, trumpeter and producer who is best known for being the music producer of the band The Carpenters.

For most of his early professional career, Daugherty had worked as a trumpeter in Woody Herman’s band. By the 1960s, he had all but retired from the music business, working in public relations at North American Aviation, an aircraft company with a location operating in the Los Angeles area. He went on to produce three albums: Jack Daugherty and the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seventy One (referred to by Sounds as “a supersession of the finest studio musicians in Hollywood”), on A&M Records, Carmel by the Sea, on the Monterey Label, and Romance, on Columbia Records, Japan, as his last known project.


1  Getting Up (Jack Daugherty) 3:53
2  Someone To Love (Jack Daugherty) 3:29
3  Feel So Good (Jack Daugherty) 3:51
4  (I Feel In Love With You) The Day We Met (Jack Daugherty) 4:03
5  Brothers And Sisters (Jack Daugherty) 3:34
6  Number Nine (Jack Daugherty) 3:08
7  The Strip (Jack Daugherty) 4:24
8  La Costa Drive (Jack Daugherty) 3:01
9  You Got It (Jack Daugherty) 3:02
10  Theme For Susan (Jack Daugherty) 2:37


Bass Joe Osborn
Bass Max Bennett
Bass Ray Brown
Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Drums Jim Keltner
Drums Hal Blaine
Drums Paul Humphrey
Guitar Mike Deasy
Guitar Larry Carlton
Guitar Louie Shelton
Guitar Dennis Budimir
Guitar Joe Pass
Piano Jack Daugherty
Flute Jim Horn
French Horn Alan Robinson
French Horn David Duke
French Horn Marnie Johnson
Sax Allan Beutler
Sax Don Menza
Sax Marshall Royal
Sax Ron Starr
Trombone Charlie Loper
Trombone David Dahlsten
Trombone Dick Hyde
Trombone Dick McQuarry
Trombone Don Waldrop
Trombone Tommy Shepard
Trumpet Chuck Findley
Trumpet John Audino
Trumpet Ollie Mitchell
Trumpet Paul Hubinon
Trumpet Ron Gorow
Cello Edgar Lustgarten
Cello Fred Seykora
Cello Jackie Lustgarten
Cello Ray Kelley
Viola Allan Harshman
Viola Gareth Nuttycombe
Viola Samuel Boghossian
Viola Virginia Majewski
Violin Arnold Belnick
Violin Bernard Kundell
Violin George Kast
Violin Gerry Vinci
Violin Israel Baker
Violin Jerome Reisler
Violin Marilyn Baker
Violin Marshall Sosson
Violin Nathan Ross
Violin Paul Shure
Violin Wilbert Nuttycombe
Viola Erno Neufeld
Percussion Bobby Torres
Percussion Gary Coleman
Vocals Clydie King
Vocals Gene Morford
Vocals Jackie Ward
Vocals Ron Hicklin
Vocals Venetta Fields

Other Musicians (Solos)

1  Getting Up

Trumpet Chuck Findley

2  Someone To Love

Vibraphone Milt Jackson

3  Feel So Good

Guitar Mike Deasy

5  Brothers And Sisters

Flute Jim Horn
Guitar Louie Shelton

6  Number Nine

Trombone David Dahlstein

7  The Strip

Trombone David Dahlstein

8  La Costa Drive

Sax Ron Starr

9  You Got It

Trumpet Chuck Findley

10  Theme For Susan

Sax Marshall Royal
Trumpet Chuck Findley

Liner Notes

Producer – Jack Daugherty
Coordinator (Album) – Noel Woodman
Engineer – Ray Gerhardt
Engineer (Assistant) – Robert Appère
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman

Art Direction – Roland Young
Cover – Al Kramer
Design (Album) – Chuck Beeson
Illustration (Front Cover) – Lanning Stern
Photography By – Jim McCrary

Published By – Orange Tree Music
Pressed By – Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman