1968 Don Ellis Orchestra – Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment is an album by trumpeter Don Ellis recorded in 1968 and released on the Columbia label.

Donald Johnson “Don” Ellis (July 25, 1934 – December 17, 1978) was an American jazz trumpeter, drummer, composer and bandleader. He is best known for his extensive musical experimentation, particularly in the area of unusual time signatures. Later in his life he worked as a film composer, among other works contributing a score to 1971’s The French Connection and 1973’s The Seven-Ups.



1 A New Kind Of Country 4:15
2 Night City 3:01
3 Homecoming 3:07
4 Mercy Maybe Mercy 3:25
5 Zim 4:04
6 Opus 5 9:24
7 Star Children 3:26
8 Beat Me Daddy, Seven To The Bar 6:17
9 Milo’s Theme 4:28
10 Seven Up 4:04
11 The Tihai 8:48
12 Zim (alt. take) 4:04
13 I Remember Clifford 5:29
14 Rasty 2:52


Bass Frank DeLaRosa
Bass Ray Neopolitan
Bass David Parlato
Drums Steve Bohannon
Sitar Ray Neopolitan
Clavinet Mike Lang
Fender Rhodes Mike Lang
Piano Mike Lang
Clarinet Ira Shulman
Clarinet Ron Starr
Clarinet John Magruder
Flute Ruben Leon
Flute Joe Roccisano
Flute Joe Lopez
Flute Ira Shulman
Flute Ron Starr
Piccolo Ira Shulman
Sax Ruben Leon
Sax Joe Roccisano
Sax Joe Lopez
Sax Ira Shulman
Sax Ron Starr
Sax John Magruder
Trombone Vince Diaz
Trombone Ron Myers
Trombone David Sanchez
Trombone Terry Woodson
Trumpet Don Ellis
Trumpet Bob Harmon
Trumpet Glenn Stuart
Trumpet Edward Warren
Trumpet Alan Weight
Vibraphone Ralph Humphrey
Vibraphone Mark Casstevens
Percussion Alan Estes
Percussion Ralph Humphrey
Percussion Joe Porcaro
Percussion Mark Casstevens
Percussion Carlos Valdes
Percussion Chino Valdes