1995 Denny Jiosa – Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures is Denny Josia’s debut album, released in 1995.

Denny Jiosa was born in Huntington, Indiana and began playing guitar at the age of 7. In high school, he sang and played bass, trumpet, and French horn. As an adult, he toured with Troy Shondell’s band in the late 1970s before moving to Los Angeles, where he studied at the Guitar Institute of Technology and received lessons from Frank Gambale. After graduating, he was a session musician in Nashville, Tennessee. In the 1990s he became a producer and engineer when he took a job running a recording studio.



1 Evening Drive 3:47
2 Per Mi Amore 4:35
3 Cruising For Bruising 4:26
4 Moving Pictures 4:32
5 Greta Got a New Dress 3:51
6 Miles to Monaco 4:44
7 April’s Foolish Day 4:23
8 All My Love 3:54
9 I’ll Take You There 4:24
10 Aarau 4:26
11 Friends 3:42


Bass David Hungate
Bass Jay Lowder
Bass Anthony Harmon
Bass Chris Kent
Bass Matt Pierson
Drums Chester Thompson
Drums Quinjuan Anderson
Drums Rick Simenson
Guitar Denny Jiosa
Keyboards David Hoffner
Piano David Hoffner
Programming Denny Jiosa
Trumpet Hollie Farris
Vibraphone Jerry Tachoir
Percussion Eric Darken
Percussion Rick Malkin
Vocals Rachel Sumner
Vocals Denny Jiosa