1998 Soundtrack – The Sentinel

The Sentinel is a Canadian-produced television series that aired on UPN in the United States from 1996 to 1999. It premiered on March 20, 1996, and ran for 65 episodes (four seasons). The series later reaired on Syfy.
Jim Ellison was a US Army Ranger who spent 18 months in the Peruvian jungle after the rest of his unit was killed. He developed hyperacute senses from surviving in the wild, but repressed them when he returned to civilization. His sensory abilities re-manifested five years later, while conducting an extended stakeout in the forest as a detective in the Major Crimes Unit of the Cascade, Washington, police department. He went to a hospital for an examination where he met Blair Sandburg, an anthropologist from Rainier University, whom Ellison initially mistook for a physician. Upon hearing Ellison’s story, Sandburg declares that Ellison is a “Sentinel”: in ancient tribes, Sentinels used their enhanced senses to protect their village. For Jim, Cascade is his village. Blair had been studying Sentinel mythology for years. While he found many individuals with one or two hyperactive senses, he had never before found a person with all five senses enhanced, a “true” Sentinel.

The soundtrack to the television police drama The Sentinel features portions from the original score John M Keane has written for the show, songs written by Steve Porcaro, and the original theme, written by James Newton-Howard. Since there are so many contributors to the soundtrack, it doesn’t necessarily hold together as well as other soundtracks, but there are a number of exciting moments that will please fans of the show.


1  Theme 0:36
2  Coming Back to Me (Out of the Past) 4:16
3  As Good as She (The Girl Next Door) 3:43
4  No Mercy (Survival) 4:53
5  5 Bus Chase (Pilot) 6:26
6  Car Chase (Cypher) 3:07
7  Ellison Love Theme 3:04
8  Banks Goes to South America (Flight) 3:09
9  The Big Nasty (Flight) 7:25
10  Blair’s Love Theme (Love and Guns) 2:15
11  Warrior Suite 9:38
12  Iceman Love Theme 2:19
13  Red Dust Suite 8:40
14  The Big Nasty II 7:07
15  Nowhere to Run 4:30
16  Sentinel Act Out 0:20
17  Sentinel End Title ’97-’98 0:47

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