1992 Randy Goodrum – An Exhibition

Randy Goodrum was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas to Winnie Goodrum and Bud Goodrum, a physician. He began to play the piano by ear as a small child, imitating his older brother. Goodrum started to take piano lessons at 8, initially studying classical music and later learning to play jazz.

He attended Hot Springs High School, where he performed in a jazz trio, the Three Kings. Also known as the Three Blind Mice for the dark glasses they wore, the trio included Goodrum’s friend Bill Clinton on sax. He also performed in the area with touring artists. Because he could sight read—and because Arkansas was at a “geographical crossroads” which drew a wide variety of performing musicians—Goodrum played with blues, country, jazz, R&B and rock & roll artists. In a 2000 interview, he said: “Part of the reason I am so diverse is because of where I grew up. You had to be able to play it all, and do it authentically.”

Goodrum attended Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Although he had never written songs, a friend asked him to compose the songs for an original musical. Goodrum agreed, and discovered a talent for songwriting. Inspired by Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman, Jimmy Webb, and James Taylor, he began to focus on writing songs. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music in piano.


1 Flying 4:24
2 Killing Time 3:41
3 Doors 3:57
4 Mustang Sally 5:23
5 No One Lives Here Anymore 3:04
6 A Political Thing 4:14
7 Touch 3:44
8 Piddlin’ Around 3:59
9 Flight 136 4:21
10 An Exhibition 4:43
11 Fover’s Last Goodbye 3:02


Bass Jimmy Johnson
Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Guitar Mike Landau
Acoustic Guitar Paul Yandell
Keyboards Randy Goodrum
Piano Randy Goodrum
Synthesizer Randy Goodrum
Flute Sarah Goodrum
Sax Brandon Fields
Vocals Randy Goodrum
Harmonica Randy Goodrum