1983 Leroux – So Fired Up

LeRoux (also known as Louisiana’s LeRoux) is a band founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA that saw its heyday from 1978 to 1984. Their best-known songs were “Take a Ride On a Riverboat” with its 4-part a capella intro, the regional smash “New Orleans Ladies”, “Nobody Said It Was Easy (Lookin’ For the Lights)” (their highest charting single), “Addicted”, and “Carrie’s Gone”. The band continues to perform live throughout the U.S., mostly at fairs and festivals in the Louisiana area.

Fergie Frederiksen and guitarist Jim Odom took over for Pollard on the fifth album, So Fired Up (which was released in February 1983). The album contained the minor-charting “Carrie’s Gone” (#79 Hot 100), which Odom and Frederiksen had written after Frederiksen’s breakup with actress Carrie Hamilton, Carol Burnett’s daughter. The music video for the album’s second single “Lifeline” also received MTV rotation, and was covered by Bobby and the Midnites and Uriah Heep. It wasn’t enough to keep them from being dropped by RCA, however, and the band called it quits by 1984. Frederiksen then stepped in to replace (former Levee Band member) Bobby Kimball in the band Toto.


1 So Fired Up 4:33
2 Lifeline 4:32
3 Let Me In 3:56
Yours Tonight 3:44
5 Line On Love 3:39
6 Carrie’s Gone 3:49
7 Wait One Minute 4:30
8 Turning Point 4:57
9 Don’t Take It Away 3:20
10 Look Out 4:14


Bass Leon Medica
Drums David Peters
Guitar Jim Odom
Guitar Tony Haselden
Keyboards Rod Roddy
Percussion David Peters
Background Vocals Leon Medica
Background Vocals David Peters
Background Vocals Jim Odom
Background Vocals Rod Roddy
Vocals Tony Haselden
Vocals Fergie Frederiksen

Other Musicians

6 Carrie’s Gone

Background Vocals David Pack

8 Turning Point

Background Vocals David Pack