1982 The Kids From Fame – The Kids From Fame

The Kids from Fame was the group name of several cast members from the US TV series Fame who had a number of hit singles and albums at the height of the show’s success in the UK. This success culminated in tours of the UK where they performed live in concert. A live album was subsequently released.

The group came to prominence in the summer of 1982 when the series first aired in the UK and a single “Hi Fidelity” reached No.5. Along with this an album was released: The Kids from “Fame”, which reached No.1 for 12 weeks. A series of singles and albums followed over the next 12 months with songs taken from the show’s first three seasons. By the summer of 1983, interest in the show was beginning to wane and the releases abruptly stopped, although the TV series carried on until 1987.

The main vocalists of the group were Debbie Allen, Valerie Landsburg, Erica Gimpel, Carlo Imperato, Gene Anthony Ray, Lee Curreri, and Lori Singer.

In late 1982 the cast members as The Kids from “Fame” performed some live shows in the UK, which led to a fuller tour of Europe in early 1983. These included a show at the Royal Albert Hall in London which was recorded and released as an album. It was during the 1983 tour that stories began to emerge in the press that things were not so harmonious off-stage with stories of drug-taking, alcohol abuse and backstage rows. During the tour Erica Gimpell and Debbie Allen had a disagreement over the choice of a song which ultimately led to Gimpell walking out of the tour and heading back to the US. The tour carried on without her, but led to further press reports of how Allen was being domineering over the others and was labelled in one article as “a bitch”. Allen later commented on the accusations saying that they upset her, but in reality was just trying to keep the group together and focussed amid the late-night parties and mayhem (which included Gene Anthony Ray smashing up a dressing room at one point). Several members commented that they were unaware of the success of the show until they arrived in London, which they found overwhelming. Prior to this, Valerie Landsburg did some promotional work alone in the UK during the summer of 1982 to promote the “Hi Fidelity” single, which was riding high in the charts at the time.


1  Starmaker (Bruce Roberts, Carole Bayer Sager) 4:09
2  I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can (David Wolfert, Sandy Linzer) 3:05
3  I Still Believe In Me (Gary Portnoy, Sue Sheridan) 3:25
4  Life Is A Celebration (Rick Springfield) 3:05
5  Step Up To The Mike (Alan Gordon) 3:33
6  Hi-Fidelity (Enid Levine) 2:46
7  We Got The Power (Barry Fasman, Steve Sperry) 3:23
8  It’s Gonna Be A Long Night (Estelle Levitt, Gary Portnoy) 4:01
9  Desdemona (Barry Fasman, Steve Sperry) 3:38
10  Be My Music (Ethan Hurwitz, Lee Curreri) 3:35



Bass Nathan East
Bass Andy Muson
Bass Dennis Belfield
Drums David Kemper
Drums Rick Shlosser
Guitar Mike Landau
Guitar Dean Parks
Guitar Greg Poree
Guitar Mitch Holder
Keyboards David Garfield
Keyboards Jai Winding
Keyboards John Hobbs
Keyboards Lee Curreri
Keyboards Michael Boddicker
Keyboards Robbie Buchanan
Percussion Gary Coleman
Percussion Steve Forman
Background Vocals Joseph Williams
Background Vocals Carl Graves
Background Vocals Clydene Jackson
Background Vocals Denise Decaro
Background Vocals Gail Heideman
Background Vocals Julia Tillman Waters
Background Vocals Kathy Burch
Background Vocals Luther Waters
Background Vocals Marty McCall
Background Vocals Maxine Willard Waters
Background Vocals Mendy Lee
Background Vocals Nick Uhrig
Background Vocals Oren Waters
Background Vocals Steve Sperry

Other Musicians

2 I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can

VocalsDebbie Allen
VocalsErica Gimpel

3 I Still Believe In Me

VocalsDebbie Allen
VocalsErica Gimpel

4 Life Is A Celebration

VocalsCarlo Imperato
VocalsErica Gimpel

5 Step Up To The Mike

SaxJim Horn
VocalsCarlo Imperato
VocalsErica Gimpel
VocalsGene Anthony Ray
VocalsValerie Landsburg

6 Hi-Fidelity

VocalsValerie Landsburg

7 We Got The Power

SaxGary Herbig
VocalsErica Gimpel
VocalsGene Anthony Ray

8 It’s Gonna Be A Long Night

VocalsLori Singer

9 Desdemona

VocalsCarlo Imperato
VocalsGene Anthony Ray
VocalsValerie Landsburg

10 Be My Music

VocalsErica Gimpel
VocalsGene Anthony Ray
VocalsLee Curreri
VocalsValerie Landsburg

Liner Notes

Producer – Barry Fasman
Executive-Producer – Charles Koppelman, Martin Bandier
Executive-Producer (“Fame” The NBC-TV Series) – William Blinn
Film Producer (“Fame” The NBC-TV Series) – Mel Swope
A&R (Coordinator) – Marge Meoli
Arranged By – Barry Fasman
Concertmaster – Sidney Sharp
Coordinator (Production) – Linda Gerrity
Engineer – Joe Robb, John Arrias, John Mills, Michael Lietz, Stuart Graham, Tony D’Amico
Mastered By – Chris Bellman

Art Direction, Design – Glenn Parsons, Tim Bryant
Photography By – Ron Slenzak

Phonographic Copyright (p) – BBC Enterprises Ltd.
Copyright (c) – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Co.
Licensed From – RCA Records
Distributed By – PRT Records Ltd.
Recorded At – Cherokee Studios
Recorded At – Sound Labs, Hollywood
Recorded At – Evergreen Studios
Recorded At – Wally Heider Recording
Mastered At – Allen Zentz Recording