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Yamamoto Tatsuhiko (Yamamoto Tatsuhiko, March 4 , 1954 -) is a Japanese singer- songwriter. Born in Shinjuku-ku , Tokyo . Chiyoda-ku Fujimi kindergarten, Akatsuki Gakuen , Graduated from Seikei University .

He participated in the Tokyo Boys Choir at the second year of Xiaoshen Elementary School. During the North American goodwill travel of 1964, the choir merged with the Tokyo Girl Choir and became the current Tokyo boys and girls chorus . Yamamoto participated in this American tour and appeared in Ed Sullivan Show .

In the era of Seikei University, formed a band called “Orange”. Although he debuts with a single “wings without angels” that won the Japan TV amateur band contest program “The Challenge of KinKin & Mush ” ( Moderator Aikawa Kinya , Kamatsu Hiroshi (present Mush Kayama)) and recorded in London , Activity as “Orange” did not go well, accompanied tour (Keyboards & Chorus) as a backbone of Kamatsy. There was a time when I participated with The Alfee .

In 1976, “Orange” dissolved. After graduating from university, begin full-scale activity as a solo singer-songwriter. In 1978, he made his debut with “Gust Wind – Sudden Wind” ( Japan Phonogram). After that, he moved to Toshiba EMI (now EMI Music · Japan ) · East World, Alfa Records , Fan House (now Ariora Japan ), Wonder Entertainment and Record Company, and in 1999 launched a self label “Silence”.


1 Swingin’ In The Rain 5:44
2 愛は僕の弱さだから 4:24
Phoenix Island 4:20
4 Hotel Des Ameriques 4:32
5 33回転の微笑 5:20
6 Photogenic 4:35
7 Rain and Pain 4:21
8 Heroine With No Name 5:17
9 After The Affair 4:37
10 虹の跡 3:28


Bass James Jamerson Jr
Bass Neil Stubenhaus
Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Guitar Paul Jackson Jr
Guitar Marty Walsh
Guitar Teddy Castelucci
Acoustic Guitar Teddy Castelucci
Keyboards Tim Heintz
Keyboards John van Tongeren
Synclavier Brian Mendelsohn
Sax Michael Pauli
Sax Vince Denham
Horns Lee Thornburg
Percussion Paulinho Da Costa
Background Vocals Michael McDonald
Background Vocals Bill Baumgart
Background Vocals David Pack
Background Vocals Diana DeWitt
Background Vocals Jean McClain