1990 Laura Branigan – Laura Branigan

Laura Branigan is the sixth album by singer Laura Branigan, released in 1990.

The album’s second single, “Never in a Million Years”, was an AC hit for Branigan. The album also brought the singer back to the tops of the Hi-NRG charts and dancefloors with its first single, “Moonlight on Water”, and a trendy update of Vicki Sue Robinson’s disco-era “Turn the Beat Around”. The latter was the first of many songs on which Branigan added production to her list of credits. A slew of promo remixes were embraced by many of the DJs who first brought her to fame with “Gloria”, but “Turn the Beat Around” did not make the broader US national dance chart and did not receive an official single release.

While a sexy video supported the lead-off single (which was subtitled “Sex on the Beach” on DJ pressings), Laura Branigan became her first album since 1983’s Branigan 2 to be promoted by only one music video. While the album was Laura’s last to be commercially available as a vinyl LP, “Moonlight on Water” and “Never in a Million Years” were also Branigan’s first singles not to be released in the 7″ vinyl format. This was Branigan’s first album not to produce a Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 hit.

The song “Unison” was recorded by Celine Dion the same year. The album’s final track was another Branigan production, a subdued cover of Bryan Adams’ “The Best Was Yet to Come”.