1985 Wayne Shorter – Atlantis

Atlantis is the sixteenth album by Wayne Shorter. It was released on the Columbia label in 1985 and was Shorter’s first solo album since 1974. The recording is notable in Shorter’s body of work both for its relative lack of improvisation and for the high level of its compositions and group arrangements. Brazilian and Funk rhythms are featured on several tracks, as is a mixture of electric and acoustic instrumentation. The composition “Shere Khan, the Tiger” was previously recorded by a group including Shorter and Carlos Santana on the latter’s 1980 album The Swing of Delight. Several of the compositions on this album would continue to feature in Shorter’s repertoire well into 2012, most notably the title piece. The cover art for the album is a pastel portrait of Shorter by actor Billy Dee Williams. Compositionally, “Atlantis” is noteworthy due to the inclusion of unusual intervallic melodies and a sense of economy and space generated through the use of parallel dominant 9th suspended chords coupled with contrapuntal bass lines. This approach is exemplified by the composition “On the Eve of Departure” which programmatically resembles “When worlds Collide”, the George Pal Sci-Fi classic.


1 Endangered Species 4:45
2 The Three Marias 5:47
3 The Last Silk Hat 5:23
4 When You Dream 4:28
5 Who Goes There 5:28
6 Atlantis 4:34
7 Shere Khan The Tiger 2:15
8 Criancas 3:40
9 On The Eve Of Departure 5:54


Bass Larry Klein
Drums Alex Acuna
Piano Michiko Hill
Piano Yaron Gershovsky
Flute Jim Walker
Sax Wayne Shorter
Background Vocals Dee Dee Bellson
Background Vocals Diana Acuna
Background Vocals Edgy Lee
Background Vocals Kathy Lucien
Background Vocals Nani Brunel
Background Vocals Sanaa Lathan
Background Vocals Troye Davenport

Other Musicians

1 Endangered Species

Drums Ralph Humphrey
Keyboards Joseph Vitarelli
Synthesizer Joseph Vitarelli
Synclavier Michael Hoenig
Percussion Lenny Castro