1983 Eikichi Yazawa – I Am A Model

Eikichi Yazawa (矢沢 永吉, Yazawa Eikichi born September 14, 1949 in Hiroshima) is an influential Japanese singer-songwriter, and important figure in Japanese popular music.

In 1980, Yazawa signed a contract with the Warner Pioneer (present Warner Music Japan) record company and moved to the West Coast of the United States. He recorded the albums Yazawa (featuring members of American rock bands Little Feat and The Doobie Brothers), It’s Just Rock n’ Roll (also featuring members of The Doobie Brothers and several songs written by John McFee and Bobby LaKind), and Flash in Japan, all of which were released worldwide, but were not very commercially successful compared to his Japanese releases. In 1988, he signed to EMI Music Japan.


1  Rock You High (Eikich Yazawa, Chiaki Tetsuya) 4:11
2  Misty (Eikich Yazawa, Chiaki Tetsuya) 3:45
3  Why You (Eikich Yazawa, Chiaki Tetsuya) 3:58
4  Good Time Charlie (Eikich Yazawa, Chiaki Tetsuya) 4:12
5  このまま… (Eikich Yazawa, Chiaki Tetsuya) 3:47
6  酔えないシャンペン (Eikich Yazawa, Chiaki Tetsuya) 4:43
7  M 3/4 (Eikich Yazawa, Chiaki Tetsuya) 3:49
8  せめてダンシング (Eikich Yazawa, Chiaki Tetsuya) 4:04
9  シーサイド#9001 (Eikich Yazawa, Chiaki Tetsuya) 3:58


Bass Abraham Laboriel Sr
Bass Bob Glaub
Bass Rick Chudacoff
Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Guitar John McFee
Guitar Richie Zito
Guitar Andrew Gold
Keyboards Marc Jordan
Synthesizer Alan Pasqua
Sax Jim Horn
Sax Jerry Jumonville
Trumpet Steve Madaio
Percussion Bob LaKind
Background Vocals Andrew Gold
Background Vocals Kenny Edwards
Background Vocals Alan Graham
Vocals Eikichi Yazawa
Vocals Tom Kelly

Liner Notes

Producer – Eikichi Yazawa
Arranger – Mark T Jordan, Eikichi Yazawa
Engineer (Mixing) – Al Schmitt & Bobby Schaper (Tracks 1, 2, 9)
Engineer (Second) – Richard McKernan & Bill Jackson
Mixed By, Recorded By – Jim Nipar
Recording Engineer (Overdub) – Bobby Schaper

Art Design – Hiroshi Akasaka
Logo Design – Masayuki Yano
Photography – Tory Kogure

Recorded & Mixed at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, California