1987 Mari Hamada – In The Precious Age

hamada-mari-1987Mari Hamada (born July 18, 1962 in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, height 158cm) is a Japanese rock singer, songwriter and producer.

Mari Hamada started singing commercially whilst at Metropolitan Musashigaoka high school when she formed a punk rock band called Mari Band. After graduating high school she attended Aoyama Gakuin University, near Tokyo, Japan. At university she joined a backing band called Hamachan and sang backing vocals for a group called Misty Cats. This started to gain her some attention from a wider public but hard rock was at that time largely unknown inside Japan and was not considered commercial.

In 1985 the band released their fifth studio album called Blue Revolution with a single also called Blue Revolution that gained them wider attention from the Japanese public. This was followed up by In the Precious Age in 1987 for which the band brought in a foreign producer to give them a more commercial sound. By this time Mari had started experimenting with influences from other musical genres such as including catchy pop melodies on a hard rock base.