1980 Minnie Riperton – Love Lives Forever

riperton-minnie-1980Love Lives Forever is the sixth and final studio album by American soul singer Minnie Riperton. Released posthumously in 1980, it was co-produced by her husband Richard Rudolph and released on her then-label Capitol Records. It consists of tracks Riperton recorded in vocal sessions prior to her death, and music recorded after her death.

All of Riperton’s vocals were stripped from earlier, original music tracks, and the backing tracks were completely redone. Completed with new musicians, vocalists and arrangements. Producer Quincy Jones described the project as “keeping the bridge, but moving the water”.

The back cover of the vinyl album featured a quote about Riperton from each artist who participated, and their signature (a thumbprint for Stevie Wonder). Wonder’s quote inspired the album title: “I miss you because I cannot touch you…but then again, I guess that I can because you’re touching me…so, Love lives forever”