2013 Alex De Rosso – Lions & Lambs

de-rosso-alex-2013Alex De Rosso is an Italian guitarist rock and hard rock.

De Rosso began playing in 1982. The year 1995 is the year of publication in Japan and Europe of his first album (Alex De Rosso). In 1997 he recorded his second album, Oxymoron, then published worldwide in 1998. Of the 2002 publication of his third album (The Thin Line Between Black And White). Shortly thereafter Alex becomes the new guitarist of Dokken, replacing John Norum (Europe).
In 2003 he participated in two tours in the US and to a hundred concerts with Dokken, alongside bands like Whitesnake and Scorpions. Simultaneously he participates as a guitarist registration of Vertigo album, with former Toto singer Joseph Williams, and Perfect World with Kelly Hansen (Hurricane, Foreigner).
After Dokken was, in 2004 Alex is also involved in musical productions, as Headrush with Roberto Tie (Labyrinth) and Shadows Fade, with Kevin Chalfant (The Storm).
In 2008, he produces an album entirely dedicated to the music of Toto: King of Balance – A Rockwalk through the Years Toto, which is published in Europe and in Japan.


1 Disappear 3:52
2 Resistance 4:04
Something About You & Me 5:24
4 Rise My Life 4:58
5 Your Mirror 4:19
6 It Doesn’t Matter Now 3:50
7 Another Million Years 4:37
8 Feel the Hope 5:39
9 Chasing Illusions 5:06
10 Them Bones 2:41


Bass Fabrizio Grossi
Drums Bob Parolin
Guitar Alex De Rosso
Vocals Alex De Rosso

Other Musicians

1 Disappear

Vocals Don Dokken

2 Resistance

Guitar Doug Aldrich

3 Something About You & Me

Guitar Steve Lukather

4 Rise My Life

Guitar Reb Beach

8 Feel the Hope

Guitar George Lynch

9 Chasing Illusions

Vocals Timothy Drury