2011 Grand Illusion – Prince Of Paupers

grand-illusion-2011Prince Of Paupers is the sixth album by Grand Illusion. It was released 2011

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1  Gates Of Fire (Anders Rydholm) 4:31
2  Better Believe It (Anders Rydholm) 4:42
3  Prince Of Paupers (Anders Rydholm) 4:07
4  So Faraway (Anders Rydholm) 5:12
5  St. Teresa’s Love (Anders Rydholm) 5:02
6  Through This War (Anders Rydholm) 5:01
7  Eyes Of Ice (Anders Rydholm) 5:22
8  Gone (Anders Rydholm) 4:37
9  Believe In Miracles (Anders Rydholm) 4:18
10  On And On (Anders Rydholm) 4:23
11  Under The Wire (Anders Rydholm) 4:31
12  Winds Of Change (Anders Rydholm) 4:14



BassAnders Rydholm
DrumsGregg Bissonette
GuitarAnders Rydholm
KeyboardsAnders Rydholm
VocalsPeter Sundell
VocalsPer Svensson

Other Musicians

1 Gates Of Fire

Guitar (solo)Muris Varajic
SynthesizerPaul Buckmaster

2 Better Believe It

Guitar (solo)Jay Graydon

3 Prince Of Paupers

Guitar (solo)Muris Varajic

4 So Faraway

Guitar (solo)Steve Lukather

5 St. Teresa’s Love

Guitar (solo)Tim Pierce

6 Through This War

Guitar (solo)Tim Pierce

7 Eyes Of Ice

Guitar (solo)Muris Varajic

8 Gone

Guitar (solo)Tim Pierce

9 Believe In Miracles

Guitar (solo)Muris Varajic
GuitarTim Pierce
Acoustic GuitarKjell Klaesson

10 On And On

Guitar (solo)Tim Pierce
KeyboardsStaffan Stavert

11 Under The Wire

Guitar (solo)Muris Varajic

12 Winds Of Change

Guitar (solo)Tim Pierce

Liner Notes

Producer – Anders Rydholm