2004 JR Robinson – Funkshui

Robinson, JR 2004John Frederick Robinson (born December 29, 1954 in Creston, Iowa, also known as John “JR” Robinson or  JR Robinson) is an American drummer and session musician. He is most known for his work with Quincy Jones, including Michael Jackson’s multiplatinum Off the Wall album and the charity single “We Are the World”.

Funkshui was JR Robinson’s first solo record. For more information about John’s work, check out his website.


1 Lullaby For Jack 4:10
2 Sierra 4:44
Tellin Lies (Cold As Ice) 5:14
4 Flight 81 4:35
5 Reshuffle 4:22
6 Good Ole Times 4:14
7 Sister Sadie 4:27
8 Cool TV 4:53
9 Hair Of The Dog 5:59
10 Skunkin 5:35
11 Montebelluna Drum Solo 12:43


Bass Leland Sklar
Bass Neil Stubenhaus
Bass (synthesizer) Jeff Lorber
Drums JR Robinson
Guitar Paul Jackson Jr
Guitar Michael Thompson
Guitar Ross Bolton
Keyboards Jeff Lorber
Piano John Beasley
Rhodes Jeff Lorber
Sax Brandon Fields
Sax Dave Higgins
Trumpet Gary Grant
Vocals Mark Williamson
Vocals Robbie Wyckoff