1986 Oda Kazumasa – K.Oda

kazumasa-oda-1986Kazumasa Oda (born September 20, 1947) is a Japanese singer-songwriter, and composer. He was the leader of folk rock band Off Course from 1969—1989, and has done solo work since 1985.

As the vocalist of Off Course, Oda wrote many Japanese standard numbers in the 70s and 80s. The group’s most successful singles—”Sayonara” (1979), “Yes-No” (1980), and “Kimi ga Uso o Tsuita” (1984)—were written by Oda.

In 1985 he began work as a solo musician. He produced many hit singles as singer-songwriter, such as “Little Tokyo” (1989), “Itsuka Dokokade” (1992), “Tsutaetai Koto ga Arunda” (1997) and “Kirakira” (2002). His most successful single was “Love Story wa Totsuzen ni” (1991), the theme song of a Japanese TV drama called Tokyo Love Story. It sold over 2,580,000 copies and became the eighth best-selling single in Japan.


1 切ない愛のうたをきかせて 4:47
2 冬の二人 4:33
3 哀しみを、そのまゝ 1:54
4 1985 6:51
5 夜の行方 4:51
6 信じるところへ 4:28
7 明日、あの海で 5:26
8 空が高すぎる 3:50


Bass David Hungate
Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Guitar Dann Huff
Keyboards Robbie Buchanan
Keyboards Phil Naish
Keyboards Alan Pasqua
Keyboards Oda Kazumasa
Synthesizer Robbie Buchanan
Synthesizer Phil Naish
Synthesizer Alan Pasqua
Synthesizer Oda Kazumasa
Synthesizer Rhett Lawrence
Sax George Englund