1981 Elton John – Nobody Wins (US:#21 UK:#42)

1981_Elton_John_Nobody_WinsNobody Wins is a single from the album The Fox, released in 1981, the fifteenth official album release for Elton John.

After 1981, only “Chloe”, “Just Like Belgium”, “Nobody Wins” and “Elton’s Song” would be included in Elton’s Jump Up tour in 1982. While “Chloe”, “Just Like Belgium” and “Nobody Wins” have never been performed again since that tour, “Elton’s Song” was performed a few times on a solo tour in 1999. Since then, however, Elton has also stopped performing that song.

However, since the album’s release, Elton would perform “Carla/Etude” frequently, making it the only song off the album that is still occasionally being performed as of 2015.


John, Elton 1981



Drums (programming) Jeffrey Porcaro
Drums (synthesizer) Roger Linn
Synthesizer Steve Porcaro
Synthesizer James Newton-Howard
Piano Elton John

Produced By

Chris Thomas


Gary Osborne
Jean Paul Dreau