1986 John Fogerty – Eye Of The Zombie (US:#81)


Eye of the Zombie is the fourth solo studio album by American singer/songwriter John Fogerty. Released in 1986, it was his first album with a backing band, and it includes the Creedence-inspired track “Change in the Weather” as well as “Wasn’t That a Woman” and “Soda Pop,” his first forays into 60s-70s Motown-sounding funk and R&B. The album was not received well by critics and had lukewarm chart success despite a Grammy nomination for Best Male Rock Vocal in 1987. Fogerty hasn’t played any material from this album in his concerts since the Eye of the Zombie tour in 1986. However, in 2009, he played “Change in the Weather” at a few shows. The song was also re-recorded in 2009 for The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again and performed live on several late-night TV shows to promote the album.



Bass Neil Stubenhaus
Drums JR Robinson
Guitar John Fogerty
Percussion JR Robinson
Background Vocals Bobby King
Background Vocals Terry Evans
Background Vocals Willie Green


Forgerty, John 1986
1986 Eye Of The Zombie


John Fogerty


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