2005 Jay Miles – 9 Hours

Miles, Jay 2005The musicians, who were taken to the studio by native-born Swiss Jay Miles for his production “9 Hours”, fortify the album’s pretensions and quality: Steve Lukather, Michael Thompson, Neil Stubenhaus, Robbie Buchanan, C. J. Vanston. Born as Jürg Eichmann to a traditional academic family from Bern, Switzerland, Jay has been taught the piano by the Hungarian concert pianist Feodora Charpie since he was 4 years old. Within 12 years, Jay learned the art of playing great melodies with ease. He collected rock group experiences with his first band GIRLFRIEND. At the age of 16, Jay fronted the stage as a lead singer for the first time.

Heavy Metal was his predilection then and three distorted guitars were struggling for the audience’s favour. Jay believes this time strengthened his vocal cords. At the age of 20, he was able to complete a 12-hour studio session without having to take any breaks. His then-team of producers fiddled about an album for two years, which may remind of DJ Bobo’s present style due to numerous remixes. But Jay didn’t want to leave rock music behind. He guested on various international album productions and realized that his only designation is an own career with own songs. Together with his band STEAMTRAIN (released by EPIC), the 28-year-old entered the European charts.

In 1994, Jay decided to find his luck in the United States and re-orientate to the American music market. Pop-oriented Westcoast rock has always been his very special predilection. “This way of music is able to arouse a longing in its listeners like no other musical style can”, the American of choice explains. The current album represents a collection of wonderful songs, which couldn’t be more empathetic and more emotional – well-rehearsed at the highest level by musical legends, who Jay Miles calls his friends these days. That’s what he was dreaming of, when he left his homeland to conquer the “promised land”.  (source)


1 Everlasting Love 4:15
2 I Don’t Want To Hold You 4:36
Safe 4:12
4 Angel 4:16
5 Lonely 3:54
6 Still Believe In Love 4:16
7 What About Us 4:01
8 Sendin’ All My Love 3:56
9 Back On The Street 4:22
10 Grandpa’s Chair 5:17
11 I’m Still Breathin’ 3:08
12 I Can’t Make You Love Me 5:22


Bass Neil Stubenhaus
Drums Alex Locascio
Guitar Steve Lukather
Guitar Michael Thompson
Keyboards Jay Miles
Keyboards CJ Vanston
Keyboards Robbie Buchanan
Background Vocals Ana Mjoll
Background Vocals Van Johnson
*all songs in the videos features Steve Lukather
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