2004 AOR – Nothing But The Best

AOR 2004For more information about AOR (or Frederic Slame) check his website.


1  Desperate Dreams (Frédéric Slama) 5:10
2  In My Crystal Ball (Frédéric Slama) 5:28
3  Only In My Dreams (Frédéric Slama) 5:11
4  Leave Her To Heaven (Frédéric Slama) 4:24
5  On Dangerous Ground (Frédéric Slama) 4:59
6  The Way Of The Night (Frédéric Slama) 4:28
7  Teach Me How To Love You Again (Frédéric Slama) 5:51
8  Worlds Away (Frédéric Slama) 5:59
9  Don’t Let Her Go (Frédéric Slama) 4:58
10  You’re My Obsession (Frédéric Slama) 3:30
11  Never Gonna Let Her Go (Frédéric Slama) 5:50
12  Love Has Found Its Way (Frédéric Slama) 4:16
13  Sensation (Frédéric Slama) 3:58
14 Lost In Your Eyes (Frédéric Slama) 4:26
15  A Quiet Storm (Frédéric Slama) 4:19



Bass  Eddie Watkins Jr
Bass  Hussain Jiffry
Bass  David Diggs
Drums  Ed Greene
Drums  Carlos Vega
Drums  Vinnie Colaiuta
Drums  Pat Thern
Drums  Joey Heredia
Guitar  Steve Lukather
Guitar  Bruce Gaitsch
Guitar  Mike Landau
Guitar  Michael Thompson
Guitar  David Williams
Guitar  James Harrah
Guitar  Frederic Slama
Guitar  Andre Hold
Keyboards  David Diggs
Keyboards  Peter Hume
Sax  Brandon Fields
Sax  Dave Boruff
Sax  Tom Saviano
Background Vocals  Richard Page
Background Vocals  Steve George
Background Vocals  Johan Sahlen
Background Vocals  Charlie Bleak
Background Vocals  Chris Demming
Background Vocals  Rachel Diggs
Background Vocals  Janey Clewer
Background Vocals  Tom Bailey
Background Vocals  Rick Riso
Background Vocals  Frederik Antblad
Vocals  Fergie Frederiksen
Vocals  Bill Champlin
Vocals  Steve Overland
Vocals  Dane Donohue
Vocals  Goran Edman
Vocals  David Roberts
Vocals  Doug St John
Vocals  Michael Ruff

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