1989 Jennifer Rush – Higher Ground (US:#98)

1989_Jennifer_Rush_Higher_GroundHigher Ground is a song recorded by Jennifer Rush for her 1989 album, Wings of Desire. It was written by Ken Cummings and Mark Blatt, and produced by Phil Ramone. “Higher Ground” was released as the first single from Wings of Desire in December 1989. Later, the song was recorded in French by Mario Pelchat and Celine Dion for Pelchat’s 1993 album. This version was released as a promotional single in Canada and France.

The song is a panegyric in which Rush praises her partner for loving her and explains that should (s)he ever need assistance, she will be “standing on higher ground” and will look after him.

Released as the first single from Wings of Desire, “Higher Ground” peaked at number 30 in Austria, number 54 in Germany and number 98 in the United Kingdom. To promote the single, a music video was released which features Rush singing and dancing.


Bass Robbie Buchanan
Drums Robbie Buchanan
Guitar Mike Landau
Keyboards Robbie Buchanan
Background Vocals Dawn Feusi
Background Vocals Lise Miller
Background Vocals Mark Hudson


Rush_Jennifer 1989
1989 Wings Of Desire


Phil Ramone