1979 Dusty Springfield – Living Without Your Love

Dusty Springfield - Living Without Your LoveLiving Without Your Love is the eleventh studio album recorded by singer Dusty Springfield, and tenth released. The album was recorded in summer 1978 and released in early 1979.

While Living Without Your Love was produced by the at the time fairly inexperienced session musician David Wolfert instead of Roy Thomas Baker, it was another no-expenses-spared Los Angeles production, recorded with more or less the same session musicians as the previous album and partly in the same studios. Living Without Your Love met with the same fate as It Begins Again, charting neither in the US nor the UK.

The album was originally titled Never Trust a Man in a Rented Tuxedo and then also had slightly risqué cover art, picturing a near naked Dusty Springfield coming out of a hotel room shower, only covering herself up with a towel and a man in a tuxedo leaving the room. These plans were however shelved and the album was instead issued under the name Living Without Your Love and new cover art.