1992 The Beauties – The Beauties

The Beauties - The Beauties

The Beauties had released a first album in Gasoline Alley in 1992. Musically, The Beauties was cataloged by some media as yet another group of glam. Wrongly, because this group had in his lifetime, nothing glam. Besides, you can not find the musician to the left on the wallet are false Slash tunes? Musically, The Beauties US played a Hard 70’s tinged hints funky, bluesy and dotted occasionally psychedelic atmospheres. This combo would approach the Black Crowes and Circle Of Soul, without being a clone of one or the other.
Above all, it should be noted that the acoustic guitar parts are very present on this album and songs, mostly distinguished by their complex melodies, popular.



1 Asses 3:35
2 Mothers Finest Sun 5:19
Battle Grounds 8:48
4 Double Standerd 5:33
5 Bed On Her Back 4:01
6 Ella 2:53
7 Sexecutioner 4:53
8 Fornication U.C.K 4:46
9 Scandal 6:39
10 Subtle Child 5:57
11 Something About The Pain 4:39
12 Maybe 6:20


Bass Ralf Jacob
Bass Mike Porcaro
Drums Matthew Steer
Guitar Jason Nesmith
Vocals Steven McNeil