2001 Shankar & Gingger – One In A Million

Gingger Shankar is an Indian American singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. She has scored several award-winning films, including Passion of the Christ and Circumstance.

Shankar (Lakshminarayana Shankar) Tamil Indian violinist, singer and composer; formed 1970s fusion group Shakti with guitarist John McLaughlin.
His music a blend of Indian classical Western styles, he has worked with many prominent musicians including Peter Gabriel, Bill Laswell, David Byrne et al. and has recorded classical Indian music as well as several solo records. Also collaborated with Korn frontman Jonathan Davis on his solo-project.


1  One In A Million (Lakshmi Shankar) 04:18
2  I Don\’t Care (Lakshmi Shankar) 04:29
3  Life Goes On (Lakshmi Shankar) 04:30
4  A Lot Of Love (Lakshmi Shankar; Gingger) 03:27
5  I\’ve Been Waiting (Lakshmi Shankar; Gingger) 04:29
6  Fear (Lakshmi Shankar) 04:41
7  Out Of My Mind (Lakshmi Shankar) 04:53
8  We Are Meant To Be (Lakshmi Shankar) 03:47
9  Look Into My Eyes (Lakshmi Shankar; Gingger) 04:47
10  Everytime (Lakshmi Shankar; Gingger) 04:49



BassMike Porcaro
BassTony Levin
Drums, Keyboard, ProgrammingGuy Allison
ViolinShankar & Gingger

Other Musicians

1 One In A Million


3 Life Goes On

Background VocalsPhil Collins

4 A Lot Of Love

DrumsRobin DiMaggio
GuitarSteve Lukather
KeyboardsDavid Paich

6 Fear


7 Out Of My Mind

GuitarSteve Vai

8 We Are Meant To Be

ProgrammingSteve Porcaro

9 Look Into My Eyes

ProgrammingSteve Porcaro

10 Everytime

DrumsRobin DiMaggio
GuitarSteve Lukather
KeyboardsDavid Paich

Liner Notes

Producer – Shankar

Recorded At Vision Studio
Recorded At 15 Studio
Recorded At Earthwalk Studio
Recorded At Dominic Studio
Recorded At Reality Recording
Recorded At 5.1 Studios