2001 Brett Beardslee – Rubber Tramp Road

From CDBaby:

Brett Beardslee was born in Hector, NY in 1971, which was an excellent year for Bretts. He graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in acting which took him to New York and Los Angeles in pursuit of an acting career. The career was happening, but the boy missed the country. Wandering helped, and there were many travelling adventures and lots of eccentric friends. After 9/11, he couldn’t take the city any more and moved back to Hector. His music and poems are an expression of the feeling of futility of “making it” in the entertainment industry and the coming to grips of what’s really important when you turn your back and walk away. The silly songs are just a way of blowing off steam in a crazy world and realizing that it’s okay to pick on each other and laugh. The freedom to laugh is a basic human need that gets lost in the PC world of animosity and hurt feelings. We are ridiculous creatures. We are funny! Brett Beardslee is getting married this summer and is on top of the world. He spends an enormous ammount of time in his 1958 Volkswagen Bus, Juicy Lucy (his tour bus). He is poor and happy, but sure wouldn’t mind making a living playing music. He fixes his own shit (most of which is older than he is). New shit sucks.


1  I Want A Big Fat Mama (With A Moustache And A Heart Of Gold) (Brett Beardslee) 03:47
2  Cosmo\’s Blues (Brett Beardslee) 05:40
3  The Woodchuck Song (Brett Beardslee) 04:10
4  Don\’t Think Twice (Brett Beardslee) 03:47
5  Juicy Lucy Shuffle (Brett Beardslee) 02:09
6  Leftovers (Brett Beardslee) 03:11
7  The Grocery Store Song (Brett Beardslee) 03:28
8  Come On In My Kitchen (Brett Beardslee) 03:38
9  The Dog Song (Brett Beardslee) 06:06
10  Big Fun Blues (Brett Beardslee) 04:40
11  The Pickup Truck Song (Brett Beardslee) 02:55
12  Rubbertramp Road (Brett Beardslee) 05:23



GuitarBrett Beardslee

Other Musicians

2 Roll Out My Blanket

Bass Phil Soussan

4 Cosmo\’s Blues

Guitar Steve Lukather

7 Juicy Lucy Shuffle

Guitar Steve Lukather

9 The Grocery Store Song

Percussion Phil Soussan

13 The Pickup Truck Song

Bass Phil Soussan

14 Rubbertramp Road

Bass Phil Soussan

Liner Notes

Producer – Phil Soussan
Engineer – Phil Soussan

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