1989 Liaison – Liaison

Liaison self titled album was the first album of the brothers Tim and Lary Melby, the men behind the Christian band.  The high tech AOR sound features Jeffrey Porcaro and Mike Landau.


1 When The Kingdom Comes Down 4:23
2 You Are His Main Concern 3:51
Go And Sin No More 3:31
4 Man With A Mission 5:02
5 The Way, The Truth, And Life 4:25
6 Kick It Down 3:21
7 The Light Is On 4:12
8 He Lives 4:15
9 Give Me One Day At A Time 3:29
10 You’ve Got My Heart In Your Ha 3:42


Bass Lary Melby
Bass Kelly Burns
Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Guitar Mike Landau
Guitar Lary Melby
Guitar Tim Melby
Keyboards Lary Melby
Keyboards Tim Melby
Keyboards Tim Heintz
Keyboards Bill Baumgart
Sax David Koz