1981 David London – David London

Dennis Hardy “Fergie” Frederiksen (May 15, 1951 – January 18, 2014) was an American rock singer best known as the former lead singer of Trillion, Angel, LeRoux and Toto, as well as providing backing vocals for Survivor. He was occasionally credited as Fergie Frederiksen or just Fergie.

In 1979, he signed with Casablanca Records, where he performed under the alias of David London. (Frederiksen wanted to separate his rock image from the disco image Casablanca was known for.) He sang two tracks (“Samantha” and “Sound Of The City”) on the soundtrack to Can’t Stop The Music (which reached number 47 on the Billboard 200), as well as a more AOR-style solo album in 1981, with his friend Mark Christian as the lead guitarist. This would turn out to be one of the last albums released by Casablanca Records, as the fall of disco in the early 1980s forced the label to fold, eventually becoming part of Mercury Records. He would drop the stage name soon after, officially going by his childhood nickname “Fergie”.


1 Somebody’s Got My Someone 2:28
2 Destination Zero 2:59
She’s Hot 2:41
4 Idol Maker 3:26
5 Walk In The Room 2:51
6 Keep Playing Around 2:45
7 Live Your Own Life 3:02
8 Suicide Dance 2:43
9 Baby’s In Love 3:57
10 Weakness 3:24


Bass Howie Epstein
Drums Jimmy Hunter
Guitar Mark Christian
Keyboards Alan Pasqua
Keyboards Don Schmidt
Percussion Steve Forman
Background Vocals Richard Page
Background Vocals Stan Forber
Background Vocals Jim Haas
Background Vocals Jon Joyce