1972 Rick Roberts – Windmills

Windmills is the debut solo album by Country rock musician Rick Roberts. The album was recorded a year after his stint as lead singer of The Flying Burrito Brothers, and two years before co-founding the band Firefall.

Roberts was joined on the record by Burrito Brothers bandmate Chris Hillman, as well as three of the Eagles: Don Henley, Bernie Leadon (formerly of the Burrito Brothers), and Randy Meisner. Other guest musicians include David Crosby, Jackson Browne, Al Perkins, Dallas Taylor, Marc Benno and Byron Berline. The standout tracks are “Sail Away”, “In My Own Small Way”, and “Jenny’s Blues”, and all of the songs were written by Roberts, except Harlan Howard’s “Pick Me Up on Your Way Down”.


1 Deliver Me 4:55
2 Davy McVie 3:47
3 In My Own Small Way 3:00
4 Sail Away 7:20
5 Two Lovely Women 4:42
6 In A Dream 4:12
7 Drunk And Dirty 3:33
8 Pick Me Up On Your Way Down 2:56
9 Jenny’s Blues 3:50


Bass Leland Sklar
Drums Don Henley
Acoustic Guitar Rick Roberts
Pedal Steel Guitar Al Perkins
Organ Mike Utley
Piano Jane Getz Wilson
Fiddle Byron Berline
Percussion Joe Lala

Other Musicians

1 Deliver Me

Bass Randy Meisner
Guitar Bernie Leadon
Background Vocals Bernie Leadon
Background Vocals Don Henley
Background Vocals Randy Meisner

2 Davy McVie

Background Vocals Don Henley

3 In My Own Small Way

Bass Randy Meisner
Banjo Bernie Leadon
Background Vocals Bernie Leadon

5 Two Lovely Women

Guitar Marc Benno
Guitar Rick Roberts

6 In A Dream

Bass Randy Meisner
Background Vocals David Crosby

7 Drunk And Dirty

Bass Chris Hillman
Drums Dallas Taylor
Guitar Marc Benno
Guitar Al Perkins
Background Vocals Jackson Browne

8 Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

Background Vocals Jane Getz Wilson

9 Jenny’s Blues

Acoustic Guitar Rick Roberts