1996 The Tubes – Genius Of America

The Tubes returned to the studio in 1996 for this release. Genius of America marked a number of firsts for the band: the first CD-only release, the first self-produced release, and the first body of work which includes Gary Cambra. The line-up features Fee, Roger, Rick, Prairie and Gary Cambra.

The song Big Brother’s Still Watching You was written by Fee Waybill, Richard Marx and Steve Lukather.


1 Genius Of America 4:01
2 Arms Of The Enemy 4:30
3 Say What You Want 4:09
4 How Can You Live With Yourself 5:16
5 Big Brother’s Still Watching 5:32
6 After All You Said 4:29
7 Fishhouse 4:38
8 Fastest Gun Slive 5:05
9 I Never Saw It Comin’ 3:19
10 Who Names The Hurricanes 4:50
11 It’s Too Late 2:53
12 Around The World 4:48

The Band

Bass Rick Anderson
Drums Prairie Prince
Guitar Roger Steen
Guitar Gary Cambra
Acoustic Guitar Roger Steen
Acoustic Guitar Gary Cambra
Vocals Fee Waybill

Other Musicians

4 How Can You Live With Yourself

Bass (synthesizer) Richard Marx
Acoustic Guitar Richard Marx
Piano Richard Marx
Background Vocals Richard Marx
Background Vocals Nita Whittaker

5 Big Brother’s Still Watching

Background Vocals Richard Marx

6 After All You Said

Background Vocals David Medd

8 Fastest Gun Alive

Background Vocals Jennifer McPhee

9 I Never Saw It Comin’

Background Vocals David Medd

11 It’s Too Late

Background Vocals David Medd

12 Around The World

Background Vocals David Medd