1994 Los Lobotomys – Candyman

Candyman is the second solo album from Steve Lukather. It was a collaboration of musicians who were for the most part also in Lukather’s band Los Lobotomys. Actually it was a Los Lobotomys project but it was released with Steve Lukather’s name on the cover.

Toto familiars Simon Phillips and David Paich participated as well as David Garfield, John Pêna, Chris Trujillo, Lenny Castro, Larry Klimas, Fee Waybill, Richard Page and Paul Rodgers. Lukather recorded the album in mostly live takes with little overdubbing.

There was some confusion about whether Candyman was a Steve Lukather album or a Los Lobotomys album. The Japanese and US releases of Candyman were under the Los Lobotomys name rather than Lukather’s; the Japanese release also featured a version of the Hendrix song “Red House.” The European release of Candyman was credited to Lukather alone. Additionally, the touring band for the album was sometimes introduced as “Steve Lukather and Los Lobotomys” and sometimes as just “Los Lobotomys.”

The song “Borrowed Time” was released as a single in Europe and included “Red House” as a B-side.


1  Hero With A 1,000 Eyes (David Garfield, Fee Waybill, Steve Lukather) 6:30
2  Freedom (Jimi Hendrix) 4:07
3  Extinction Blues (David Garfield, Fee Waybill, Steve Lukather) 4:59
4  Born Yesterday (David Garfield, Fee Waybill, Steve Lukather) 7:08
5  Never Walk Alone (David Garfield, Steve Lukather) 9:41
6  Party In Simon’s Pants (Simon Phillips, Steve Lukather) 5:45
7  Borrowed Time (David Garfield, Fee Waybill, Steve Lukather) 7:19
8  Never Let Them See You Cry (David Garfield, Fee Waybill, Steve Lukather) 5:03
9  Froth (David Garfield, Steve Lukather) 9:41
10  The Bomber (Joe Walsh, Vince Guaraldi) 5:31
11  Song For Jeff (David Garfield, Steve Lukather) 7:07


Bass John Pena
Drums Simon Phillips
Guitar Steve Lukather
Keyboards David Garfield
Sax Larry Klimas
Percussion Lenny Castro
Percussion Chris Trujillo
Background Vocals Fee Waybill
Background Vocals Kevin Curry
Background Vocals Richard Page

Other Musicians

2 Freedom

Background Vocals Paul Rodgers

5 Never Walk Alone

Organ David Paich

Liner Notes

Producer – Steve Lukather, Tom Fletcher
Engineer (Assistant) – Sean O’Dwyer
Mastered By – Arnie Acosta
Mixed By – Tom Fletcher
Recorded By – Tom Fletcher

Photography – Armando Gallo, Jack Andersen

Mastered At A&M Studios
Mixed At Capitol Studios
Overdubs At Devonshire Studios
Recorded At Capitol Studios
Copyright Sony Music Entertainment Inc