1981 Mickey Newbury – After All These Years

After All These Years is the 1981 album by singer-songwriter Mickey Newbury, considered the concluding album of his remarkable 1970s run, it was the last album he would record for seven years. The album is very different in tone from its predecessor and revives Newbury’s talent for song suites with “The Sailor/Song Of Sorrow/Let’s Say Goodbye One More Time.” Other highlights on the album include “That Was The Way It Was Then” and “Over The Mountain.”

After All These Years was collected for CD issue on the eight-disc Mickey Newbury Collection from Mountain Retreat, Newbury’s own label in the mid-1990s, along with nine other Newbury albums from 1969-1981.


 01   The Sailor   05:20
 02   Song Of Sorrow   03:21
 03   Let’s Say Goodbye One More Time   03:35
 04   That Was The Way It Was Then   02:41
 05   Country Boy Saturday Night   03:27
 06   Truly Blue   03:40
 07   Just As Long As That Someone Is You   03:26
 08   Over The Mountain   03:25
 09   Catchers In The Rye   02:51
 10   I Still Love You   03:27


Bass David Hungate
Bass Jack Williams
Drums James Stroud
Guitar Mickey Newbury
Guitar Steve Gibson
Guitar John Goin
Guitar Dave Loggins
Guitar Norbert Putnam
Steel Guitar Don Myrick
Fiddle Buddy Spicher
Piano Shane Keister
Piano Mike Mani
Piano Bobby Ogdin
Harmonica Terry McMillan
Harp Cindy Reynolds
Background Vocals Steve Brantley
Background Vocals Dave Loggins