1975 Steely Dan – Black Friday (US: #37)

T1975_Steely_Dan_Black_Fridayhe track “Black Friday” from the Steely Dan album Katy Lied, which was released as the first single from the album, relates the story of a crooked speculator who makes his fortune and absconds to Australia. Muswellbrook, a town in New South Wales, was chosen to fit in with the lyric, as Fagen later explained: “It was the place most far away from LA we could think of … and, of course it fitted the metre of the song and rhymed with book”. The track features Michael Omartian on piano and David Paich on Hohner electric piano



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Bass  Walter Becker   
Drums  Jeffrey Porcaro  
Guitar  Walter Becker  
Keyboards  David Paich  
Keyboards  Michael Omartian  
Keyboards  David Paich  
Piano  Donald Fagen  

Produced By

Gary Katz


Donald Fagen
Walter Becker


UK:# –