1992 Kurt Howell – Kurt Howell

Kurt Howell is an album by Kurt Howell, released in 1992.

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1  Let’s Run With It (Kurt Howell; Chris Rodriguez) 3:52
2  We’ll Find The Way (Kurt Howell; Michael Omartian) 4:16
3  Does Love Not Open Your Eyes (Kurt Howell; Eric Kaz) 4:43
4  I’m Over You (Kurt Howell; Phil Naish) 4:39
5  Dedicating Everything To You (Kurt Howell; Phil Naish) 4:47
6  Do The Rubber Neck (Kurt Howell; Michael Omartian) 4:45
7  Labor Of Love (Kurt Howell; André Pessis) 4:42
8  Keep Telling My Heart (Kurt Howell; Robert White-Johnson) 4:34
9  Cold As A Stone (Kurt Howell; Michael Clarke) 4:10
10  Don’t Throw Love Away (Kurt Howell; Michael Lunn) 5:27


Drums Paul Leim
Guitar Steve Lukather
Guitar Mike Landau
Guitar Dean Parks
Guitar Neal Schon
Guitar Chris Rodrigues
Acoustic Guitar Dean Parks
Keyboards Kurt Howell
Keyboards Michael Omartian
Keyboards Phil Naish
Sax Kim Hutchcroft
Sax Dan Higgins
Sax Dave Boruff
Trumpet Jerry Hey
Background Vocals Tommy Funderburk
Background Vocals Joe Pizzulo
Background Vocals Michael Omartian
Background Vocals Linda Tavani
Background Vocals Susanne Christian
Background Vocals Chris Rodrigues
Background Vocals Marti McCall
Background Vocals Bonnie Keen
Background Vocals Marabeth Jordan
Background Vocals Robert White Johnson

Liner Notes

Producer –  Michael Omartian
Production Coordinator – Janet Hinde
Arranged By – Michael Omartian, Kurt Howell
Assistant – Mick Higgins
Engineer – Terry Christian
Engineer (Assistant) – Kevin Becka, John Lowson
Mixed By – Terry Christian

Mastered At Future Disc, North Hollywood, CA
Mixed At Lighthouse, North Hollywood, CA
Recorded At Sound House, North Hollywood
Recorded At The Loft, Nashville, TN