1980 Bryan Adams – Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams was the debut studio album by Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams released in February 1980 on A&M Records. While the album did not gain attention in the US, “Hidin’ From Love” reached #64 and “Give Me Your Love” reached #91 both on Canada’s RPM 100 Singles chart.

In early 1978, Bryan Adams teamed up with Jim Vallance (formerly of Canadian band Prism) to form a song-writing duo. A&M signed the pair as songwriters, not long before signing Adams as a recording artist. He worked on his debut album for the balance of 1979 with it being released in February 1980.

The first single was “Hidin’ from Love” in 1980 (#43 on the Billboard dance charts) which was followed up by “Give Me Your Love” and “Remember”. Although the album never received any US notoriety on its debut, it was the door opener that led to getting radio play, tours, management, agents and the music business in general, interested in the 20-year-old songwriter.

The first tour was across Canada playing clubs and colleges. It was during this time that Adams developed the songs for the US breakthrough album You Want It You Got It (1981).


1 Hidin’ From Love 3:19
2 Win Some Lose Some 3:48
3 Wait And See 3:06
4 Give Me Your Love 2:55
5 Wastin’ Time 3:36
6 Don’t Ya Say It 3:22
7 Remember 3:42
8 State Of Mind 3:17
9 Try To See It My Way 4:03


Drums Jim Vallance
Bass David Hungate
Bass Jim Vallance
Bass Jim Clench
Bass Tom Szczesniak
Guitar Bryan Adams
Guitar Jim Vallance
Guitar Jeff Baxter
Keyboards Jim Vallance
Piano Bryan Adams
Sax Eugene Meros
Percussion Dick Smith
Background Vocals Colina Philips
Background Vocals Sharon Lee Williams

1980 Bryan Adams