Michael_Sherword_Groovy_Lemon_PieRemember Michael Sherwood? He co-wrote Chinatown and All The Tears That Shine on the Toto XIV album. Besides that he is working on Steve Porcaro’s first solo album. Together with Christian Nesmith he made this new album called Groovy Lemon Pie. Check it here.

Biography: Michael Sherwood comes from a musical family which includes his father Bobby Sherwood, who was an actor, musician, and big band leader, his mother Phyllis and younger brother Billy. His father got him his first keyboard when he was 4.

Michael (keys, vocals) and Billy (bass, vocals) formed the band Lodgic while growing up in Las Vegas. The band also included Guy Allison on keyboards as well, Jimmy Haun on guitar, and Gary Starns on drums. They eventually moved the band to Los Angeles in 1980. After many years of trying to get things together, they recorded their debut album Nomadic Sands, released in 1986. Michael Sherwood was working with Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro during this period; one of their co-writes is on Michael Jackson’s Thriller 25 album.

After Lodgic, Michael did session work, including backing vocals on the Anderson/Bruford/Wakeman/Howe songs on Yes’s Union album (on which brother Billy also performed, but on different tracks).

A solo album, Tangletown, was released in 1998, largely written with Julius Robinson, and included artists Steve McCormick (guitars and vocals), the late Jamie Chez (drums and vocals), Tom Felicetta (long-haired bass), and Dorian Crozier (drums on “Angry as I Am” and “The Censor”). Guests included Christian Nesmith, who co-produced with drummer Jamie Chez and bassist Tom Felicetta, brother Billy, Jimmy Haun, Greg Ellis, and Yes engineer Tom Fletcher.

Michael also appeared on Ted Jacobs’ 2000 album The Days Gone By, while he and Robinson worked on music for the 2001 film Angel Eyes. In 2004, Michael joined Conspiracy, Billy’s band with Yes bassist Chris Squire, to record a live-in-the-studio DVD, released in 2006. Michael has also worked with the Gluey Brothers, Jack Russell, Lisa Loeb, Steve Porcaro, Air Supply, Jonathan Elias, and Circa, and further with Julius Robinson and Christian Nesmith. He has done music for TV shows and adverts, including work for Elias Associates.

Christian DuVal Nesmith (born January 31, 1965) is a musician, and the eldest son of Monkee Michael Nesmith and Phyllis (Nesmith) Gibson.

He has worked with his father (on the album The Garden), Michael Sherwood (on Tangletown and in the band GLP), Ty Tabor (backing vocals on 2002’s Safety), Doug Pinnick of King’s X (touring band from 1998) and formerly Cindy Alexander. Played in the band Chodle’s Trunk with drummer Nick Menza of Megadeth and guitarist Anthony Gallo as well as playing on a track for Menza’s Life After Deth album. He also co-writes, produces, and plays guitar for Americana musician Circe Link (“Let’s Go Together” 2003, “One Drop of Poison” 2004, “Live in Japan” 2006, “Moody Girl” 2006, “Vonnegut’s Wife” 2011, “California Kid” 2011).

He released a solo album, An Axe to Grind, in 2006 on Blackwings Multimedia. In 2007, Christian was the musical director of HAIR at The Met Theatre in Los Angeles, produced by Michael Butler and directed by Bo Crowell. This production won The Best Musical Award of 2007 from the LA Weekly. He toured with Air Supply in 2009 as lead guitarist. He toured with his father for The Monkees’ reunion tour in November 2012.


1 Amanda B 3:02
2 Sally’s Ass 3:34
3 This Way and That 2:54
4 Face of The Sun 3:45
5 Look Out Below 3:18
6 I Wish You Well 4:05
7 Underlined 3:05
8 World That She Wanted 3:11
9 Boxing Shadows 4:34
10 Jack Is Out of His Cage 4:26
11 Two Words 3:39
12 Nice Enough Guy 3:40
13 Get Around Girl 4:59
14 Supervision 4:07
15 This Day 2:50
16 Curtain Call 4:12

Buy it here: http://michaelsherwoodchristiannesmith.bandcamp.com/

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