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Steve_FormanWell established in the LA recording studios, Steve Forman is recognized as one of the area’s most innovative and creative musicians. His professional credentials began in Arizona as a contract member of the Phoenix Symphony, but his broader interests in music soon led him to the recording studios in Los Angeles. Interspersed with his early touring experience, Steve’s personal trips to Brazil and Japan were important influences on his playing; he developed a style of “color” hand percussion and extended the on-stage instrument collection well beyond the routine Latin instrument group common at that time by utilizing found objects like hubcaps and artillery shells, sculptural artifacts and odd metal and wood constructions.
For percussionists the study of music becomes a lifelong investigation of the world’s instruments, techniques and styles. Steve’s pursuits have led to interests in African forms, Afro-Cuban, Asian, Blue Grass, Brazilian, Cajun, Classical, Country, Indian, Jazz, Gospel, Hip Hop, Middle Eastern, Pop, Rock, techno- the list goes on. Recently he’s been devoting a lot of attention to the bodhràn and traditional Celtic music.

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