1986 Soundtrack – Back To School

Back to School is a 1986 comedy film starring Rodney Dangerfield, Keith Gordon, Sally Kellerman, Burt Young, Terry Farrell, William Zabka, Ned Beatty, Sam Kinison, and Robert Downey, Jr. It was directed by Alan Metter.

The plot centers on a wealthy but uneducated father (Dangerfield) who goes to college to show solidarity with his discouraged son (Gordon) and learns that he cannot buy an education or happiness.

Author Kurt Vonnegut has a cameo as himself, as does the band Oingo Boingo, whose frontman Danny Elfman composed the score for the film.

The University of Wisconsin–Madison was used as a backdrop for the movie, although it was called “Grand Lakes University.” The diving scenes were filmed at the since-demolished Industry Hills Aquatic Center (see Industry Hills Aquatic Club) in the City of Industry, California.

After the ending scene, before the credits roll, there is a message: “For ESTELLE Thanks For So Much”. This is a reference to Estelle Endler, one of the executive producers of the film. She was also Dangerfield’s manager and helped him get into films like Caddyshack. She died during the filming of Back to School, so he dedicated the film to her.


1 Back To School – Jude Cole 4:16
2 Educated Girl – Bobby Caldwell 4:07
3 Learnin\’ And Livin\’ – Tyson & Schwartz 3:25
4 Everybody\’s Crazy – Michael Bolton 4:37
5 I\’ll Never Forget Your Face – Phillip Ingram 4:07
6 Twist And Shout – Rodney Dangerfield 2:51
7 Dead Man\’s Party – Oingo Boingo 6:17
8 On My Way – Tyson & Schwartz 3:30
9 Respect – Aretha Franklin 2:24



BassNathan East
DrumsJR Robinson
GuitarBob Kulick
VocalsJude Cole
VocalsBobby Caldwell
VocalsMichael Bolton
VocalsPhillip Ingram
 Randy Goodrum
 Bill Schnee
 Terry Brock
 Peppi Castro
VocalsBill Champlin
VocalsRobert Lamm

Other Musicians

2 Educated Girl

GuitarSteve Lukather

Liner Notes

Producer – Linda Goldner Perry
Producer (Executive) – Alan Metter