1980 William Sheller – Nicolas

Translated from here:  Physically sick and worn morally after five years of media presence non-stop, William Sheller in has had a day ras-the-moustache of small combined of show-bizz awards, tv programs in play-back complete and other articles for teenagers remained! Impossible for him to ensure at the same time a standing awkwardly and to devote themselves serenely at his musical creations. He has completely cracked the day or a facilitator of Europe1 asked him to prepare an omelet on live radio … : “Then I said to myself “stop! “.  There is still a level below which it cannot descend. The self-respect, of his dreams of a child, it is essential. I had not looked into Stravinsky for hundreds of hours, I did not kowtow to learn the resolution avoided of seventh of dominant to sing in play-back and make this kind of crap. It should flee. ”
In brief and in summary, William has voluntarily removed himself from the media for change of air. Those responsible for her house of him drives are crying out for a new album? Then he found a tip history of well their break the feet. On the good advice of his girlfriend Veronique Sanson, William their launched the challenge to be able to go and register in Los Angeles with American musicians, thinking that they would refuse categorically. But, surprise: they accept all of suite and offer him even a budget very comfortable. William then takes the plane in the shortest possible time for Los Angeles in the company of Lee Hallyday (cousin of Johnny), with pocket in only a few shreds of sketches of songs. Thus, most of the titles of the album will be written in California. “I recorded my drive to Los Angeles, in the company of musicians from Elton John and Bob Dylan. I am simply back off so the ears with the “musicos” Americans. I have even done The Small Schubert with the soloists of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. It was in full winter at the time of Christmas, and I was when even under the sun, under the coconut trees with fathers Christmas in shorts. This is a scenery! “All of this with the greats of American music as the guitarists Steve Lukather (of the group Toto) and Micky Jones, or even the drummer Jim Keltner (former musician of Ringo Starr).  Yet, the goal was not specifically to make to this disk a Californian ambiance: ” Yeah, I was asked why my album had not a californian sound but this is not because Elton John will save in the Midi region of France that we hear the tambourine and the pipo … Non? ”
Elsewhere in the final, William has never repeated the experience of American recordings: “I have been save ca to Los Angeles to make me realize that French musicians are good musicians also. The whole world had said to me: “going down there, you are going to see it is beautiful the musicians … ” But if it gives the musicians of here time to work … and that it is directed to people without telling them: “We must do this”, or “We need to do that”, but what is asked of them a little bit to bring something, I think it is worth. “


1  Une Étonnante Européenne (Williams Sheller) 2:53
2  Promenade Française (Williams Sheller) 2:16
3  J’ose Pas (Williams Sheller) 3:13
4  Petit Comme Un Caillou (Williams Sheller) 2:16
5  Oh ! J’cours Tout Seul (Williams Sheller) 3:19
6  Billy Nettoie Son Saxophone (Williams Sheller) 3:34
7  Un Peu Boogie-Woogie Sur Les Bords (Williams Sheller) 2:41
8  Nicolas (Williams Sheller) 3:06
9  Le Petit Schubert Est Malade (Williams Sheller) 2:11
10  Quand J’étais à Vos Genoux (Williams Sheller) 3:03
11 Fier Et Fou De Vous (Williams Sheller) 3:30


Bass Emory Gordy
Drums Jim Keltner
Guitar Steve Lukather
Guitar Micky Jones
Keyboards James Newton Howard
Synthesizer Gary Mielke

Liner Notes

Producer – Lee Hallyday, William Sheller
Arranged By – William Sheller
Engineer – Brad Hartman, Mick Lanaro

Photography – Richard Roeca

Phonographic Copyright Phonogram S.A.
Copyright Phonogram S.A.