1983 Tommy Tutone – National Emotion

Tommy Tutone is a power pop band, best known for its 1981 hit “867-5309/Jenny”, which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Although it is usually referred to as a San Francisco band, it was actually based in Willits, California, at the time that “Jenny” was released. The song became so popular that people in the United States to this day dial this telephone number and ask for Jenny as a prank. Regarding the famous number, “We had people threatening to sue us. It was the Buffalo Chief of Police’s daughter’s number in New York,” said frontman Tommy Heath.

A common misconception is that Tommy Tutone is the name of the lead singer; it is actually the name of the band. Tommy Heath is the lead singer. The name of the band developed from its original name, Tommy and the Tu-tones, to merely Tommy Tutone.


1 Bumb But Pretty (Brian Dalton, Tommy Heath, Jim Keller) 3:39
2 Someday Will Come (Tommy Heath, Mark Holden, Steve LeGassick) 3:55
3 Laverne (Jim Keller) 3:28
4 National Emotion (Tommy Heath, Jim Keller) 4:07
5 Get Around Girl (N Nupar) 3:25
6 I Believe (Jim Keller, Tommy Heath, Greg Sutton) 3:33
7 Money Talks (T Britten, S Shifrin, Jim Keller, Tommy Heath) 3:12
8 Imaginary Heart (Tommy Heath, Jim Keller) 3:00
9 Sticks And Stones (Jim Keller) 4:53
10 I Wanna Touch Her (J Henderson, Jim Keller) 3:25



Bass Doug Anderson
Bass Greg Sutton
Drums Jerry Angel
Drums Gary Mallaber
Guitar Tommy Heath
Guitar James Keller
Keyboards Steve LeGassick
Synthesizer Steve LeGassick
Piano Tommy Heath
Sax Jerry Jumonville
Percussion Steve Forman
Percussion Peter Wiltz

Other Musicians

National Emotion

DrumsJeffrey Porcaro
GuitarSteve Lukather
GuitarJim Keller
KeyboardsDavid Paich
PercussionJeffrey Porcaro
VocalsJim Keller
VocalsTommy Heath

Liner Notes

Producer, Engineer – Ed Thacker (Tracks 1, 3, 6, 9, 10)
Producer, Engineer – Bill Drescher (Tracks 2, 5, 7, 8)
Producer – David Paich, Terry Powell (Track 4)
Engineer – Ed Thacker (Track 4)
Engineer (Second) – Cliff Jones, Brian Leshon, David Marquerite, Phil Post