1982 Bobby Caldwell – Carry On

Bobby Caldwell was born in Manhattan to Bob and Carolyn Caldwell, the hosts of Suppertime, an early television variety show. Living in Memphis and, chiefly, Miami (which he has called an influential “dumping ground” for all kinds of music), he took up piano and guitar as a preteen. Forming his own band at 17, he took the group on the road, later recording an album entitled Kathmandu.

Caldwell’s first performances were more rock-oriented than the bulk of his career would indicate; early dates had him playing Jimi Hendrix and Cream covers in small clubs.


All Of My Love (Bobby Caldwell) 3:30
2  Sunny Hills (Bobby Caldwell) 4:25
3  Loving You (Bobby Caldwell, Henry Marx) 3:40
4  Words (Bobby Caldwell) 4:29
5  Catwalk (Bobby Caldwell, George Perry) 4:48
6  Jamaica (Bobby Caldwell) 5:03
7  You (Bobby Caldwell) 3:11
8  Carry On (Bobby Caldwell) 3:56



Bass Neil Stubenhaus
Bass George Perry
Bass Jimmy Haslip
Bass Bobby Caldwell
Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Drums Joe Galdo
Guitar Bobby Caldwell
Guitar Steve Lukather
Guitar David Williams
Moog David Paich
Keyboards Steve Porcaro
Keyboards Bobby Caldwell
Synthesizer Steve Porcaro
Synthesizer Bobby Caldwell
Percussion Mike Fisher
Trumpet Greg Adams
Horn Greg Adams
Trumpet Mic Gillette
Horn Mic Gillette
Trombone Mic Gillette
Sax Marc Russo
Sax Emilio Castillo
Sax Stephen Kupka

Liner Notes

Producer – Bobby Caldwell
Engineer – Jeff Borgeson, Ernie Sheesley, Bobby Ingria, Bill Thomas
Assistant – Danny Cislo, Sandra Wilson, Jerry Ichava
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

Recorded at Davlen Sound Studios, Los Angeles
Recorded at Quadradial Recording Studios, North Miami,
Recorded at Florida & Kendun Recorders, Burbank, California
Mixed at Davlen Sound Studios, Los Angeles