1976 Donovan – Slow Down World

Slow Down World is the thirteenth studio album (fifteenth overall) by British singer/songwriter Donovan

Over his past few album releases, Donovan had hired a succession of popular record producers in hopes of chart success: Mickie Most for Cosmic Wheels, Andrew Loog Oldham for Essence to Essence and Norbert Putnam for 7-Tease. The success of these albums was mild at best, and indicated a shift in Donovan’s popularity away from the superstardom of the 1960s and towards a distinctly smaller fan base. For his next album, Donovan decided to embrace this fan base by taking on the producer duties himself and writing a set of songs that were directly at odds with the popular sounds of the time. While Slow Down World does contain some upbeat numbers, many of the songs feature tired and resigned lyrics.

Two of the songs on Slow Down World were written by Donovan’s longtime friend Derroll Adams. Adams was the influence behind “Epistle to Derroll” from Donovan’s 1968 album A Gift from a Flower to a Garden. Donovan’s hit “There is a Mountain” has similar lyrics to “The Mountain”, one of the Derroll Adams songs covered here.

Slow Down World reached #174 on the US charts, matching the success of Essence to Essence but not reaching the success of Donovan’s last album, 7-Tease. More importantly, Slow Down World marked the last album of his Epic Records contract. Without access to the label’s promotion mechanisms, he never again achieved chart success or the same level of record sales.


1  Dark-Eyed Blu Jean Angel (Donovan) 3:48
2  Cryin Shame (Donovan) 4:31
3  The Mountain (Donovan) 3:33
4  Children Of The World (Donovan) 3:23
5  My Love Is True (Donovan) 3:45
6  A Well Known Has-Been (Donovan) 7:20
7  Black Widow (Donovan) 5:43
8  Slow Down World (Donovan) 4:24
9  Liberation Rag (Donovan) 3:00



GuitarPhillip Donnelly
KeyboardsDavid Foster
SynthesizerJay Graydon
SaxTom Scott
TromboneLew McCreary
TrumpetChuck Findley
PercussionBobby Hall
PercussionEmile Richards
Background VocalsAl DeLory
Background VocalsBJ Cook
Background VocalsDonny Gerrard
Background VocalsEd Whitting
Background VocalsJeanette Clinger
Background VocalsRon Hicklin
Background VocalsJohn Merlino
Background VocalsJulia Tillman Waters
Background VocalsJennifer Hicklin
Background VocalsStacy Jo Clinger

Other Musicians

1 Dark-Eyed Blu Jean Angel

BassDavid Hungate
DrumsJim Keltner
Acoustic GuitarDonovan
CelloDouglas Davis

2 Cryin Shame

BassLeland Sklar
DrumsJim Keltner
Acoustic GuitarDonovan

4 Children Of The World

BassKlaus Voormann
DrumsJim Keltner
Acoustic GuitarDonovan

5 My Love Is True

BassDavid Hungate
DrumsJim Keltner

6 A Well Known Has-Been

GuitarDon Felder
DrumsJim Keltner
Acoustic GuitarDonovan

7 Black Widow

BassKlaus Voormann
DrumsJim Keltner
Slide GuitarJesse Ed Davis

8 Slow Down World

GuitarDon Felder
DrumsJim Keltner
Acoustic GuitarDonovan
EuphoniumLew McCreary

9 Liberation Rag

BassKlaus Voormann
DrumsJim Keltner
Acoustic GuitarDonovan
PianoDavid Paich

Liner Notes

Producer – Donovan
Arranged By – David Foster, Doug Davis, Tom Scott (Track 1)
Arranged By (Horn) – David Foster, Donovan (Track 6)
Programmed By (Arp) – Jay Graydon (Track 1)
Recorder – Tom Scott (Track 1)

Art Direction – Ron Coro
Photography – Patrine Mitchum

Recorded at A&M Studios, Los Angeles in studios A, C & D