1982 America – View From The Ground

View from the Ground is the tenth original studio album by American folk rock duo America, released by Capitol Records in July 1982.

This album marked a major comeback for a group that had been generally written off since Dan Peek’s departure five years before. It was a modest hit in the US, reaching number 41 on the Billboard album chart, and produced two hit singles: “You Can Do Magic” reached number eight on the Billboard singles chart and number five on the adult contemporary chart, and “Right Before Your Eyes” (also popularly known as “Rudolph Valentino”) peaked at 45 on the Billboard singles chart and 16 on the adult contemporary chart.


You Can Do Magic (Russ Ballard) 3:48
2  Never Be Lonely (Gerry Beckley, Bill Mumy) 3:45
3  You Girl (Dewey Bunnell, Bill Mumy, Robert Haimer) 3:32
4  Inspector Mills (Gerry Beckley) 5:10
5  Love on the Vine (Dewey Bunnell, Bill Mumy, Robert Haimer) 3:02
6  Desperate Love (Lenny LeBlanc, Ava Aldridge, Cindy Richardson) 3:51
Right Before Your Eyes (Ian Thomas) 3:47
8  Jody (Russ Ballard) 3:49
9  Sometimes Lovers (Gerry Beckley) 4:27
10  Even the Score (Dewey Bunnell) 3:36


Bass Brad Palmer
Bass Mike Porcaro
Drums Alvin Taylor
Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Drums Willie Leacox
Guitar Bill Mumy
Guitar Dean Parks
Guitar Dewey Bunnell
Guitar Hadley Hockensmith
Guitar Michael Woods
Guitar Michael Mirage
Guitar Rick Neigher
Guitar Steve Lukather
Keyboards Chris Coté
Keyboards Gerry Beckley
Keyboards Jai Winding
Synthesizer Mark Isham
Background Vocals Carl Wilson
Background Vocals Chris Coté
Background Vocals Christopher Cross
Background Vocals Chuck Kirkpatrick
Background Vocals Dewey Bunnell
Background Vocals Gerry Beckley
Background Vocals Michael Mirage
Background Vocals Russ Ballard
Background Vocals Sarah Maria Taylor
Background Vocals Timothy B Schmit
Background Vocals Tom Kelly

Liner Notes

Produced – Russ Ballard (Tracks 1, 8)
Produced – Gerry Beckley & Dewey Bunnell (Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10)
Produced – Bob– Colom– (Tracks 6, 7)
Arranged (Strings) – Matthew McCauley
Conducted – Matthew McCauley
Engineered – Chuck Kirkpatrick (Tracks 1, 8)
Recorded – Mark Linett
Mixed – Mark Linett
Engineered – Jeremy Smith & David Cole (Tracks 6, 7)
Mixed – Michael Verdick (Tracks 6, 7)
Mastered at Capitol Records – Wally Traugott

Engineered at Abbey Road Studios, London & Criteria Studios, Miami,FL (Tracks 1, 8)
Engineered at Capitol Studios (B), Hollywood, CA (Tracks 6, 7)
Mixed at Location Recording Services, Burbank, CA (Tracks 6, 7)
Mixed at Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, CA (Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10)
Recorded at Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, CA (Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10)