1981 Amii Ozaki – Hot Baby

Amii Ozaki, real name Misuzu Ohara,  is a Japanese singer songwriter born on 19 March 1957 in Kita-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.She has written music such as Oribia o Kikinagara by Anri and Tenshi no Uinku by Seiko Matsuda, as well as many other songs. Ozaki makes irregular appearances on her friend Akira Kamiya’s internet radio show Kamiya Akira Hot Beat Party. Her husband is musician Rei Ohara. Her mother is Akemi Ozaki, a maker of popular handbags and purses made from vintage obi.

Amii Ozaki began studying classical piano in 1965 at the age of eight. By the time she was sixteen, after graduating from Kyoto Municipal Kinugasa Junior High School, she had begun writing her own works and participating in an amateur composers club. Her first work, Hitorikko ka Bakko, tells the story of the loneliness of searching for one’s mother. She attended Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro High School.

In 1974, Ozaki participated in her first contest, winning ¥5000 and making a favorable impression on one of the judges who indicated that he thought she was going to become a professional in the near future. She became a DJ for Fōkusu Studio in 1976, and began giving concerts where she played both guitar and piano to accompany her songs. She made her professional debut in 1976 with the Toshiba EMI Express single Contemplation / Winter Poster. Her stage name “Ami” comes from the French word for “friend”.


1  Love Is Easy (David Foster) 3:58
2  身体に残るワイン (David Foster) 4:16
3  キャッツアイ (David Foster) 3:48
4  限りない憎しみの果てに~花が咲いたよ~ (David Foster) 4:13
5  Angela (David Foster, Tom Keane) 3:57
6  Prism Train (David Foster) 4:03
7  Wanderer In Love (David Foster, Tom Keane) 3:38
8  蒼夜曲 セレナーデ (David Foster) 4:13



Bass Neil Stubenhaus
Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Guitar Steve Lukather
Guitar Jay Graydon
Keyboards David Foster
Synthesizer Mike Cotten
Background Vocals Nick de Caro
Background Vocals Denise Maynelli
Background Vocals Marti McCall
Background Vocals Petsye Powell
Vocals Ami Ozaki

Other Musicians

5 Angela

Piano Tom Keane

Liner Notes

Producer – Amii Ozaki, Yuzo Watanabe
Arranged By – David Foster, Tom Keane
Arranged By (Background Vocal) – Nick DeCaro
Engineer – Al Schmitt
Mixed By – Al Schmitt