1981 Burton Cummings – Sweet Sweet

Burton L.Cummings, OC OM(born December 31, 1947, in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian musician and songwriter.

He was the lead singer and frequent keyboardist for the Canadian rock band The Guess Who. During his 10 years in The Guess Who, from 1965 to 1975, he sang and wrote or co-wrote many songs including “American Woman,” “No Time,” “Share the Land,” “Hand Me Down World,” “Undun,” “Laughing,” “Star Baby”, “New Mother Nature,” and “These Eyes.” His solo career includes many Canadian singles including “Stand Tall”, “My Own Way to Rock” and “You Saved My Soul.”


You Saved My Soul (Burton Cummings) 4:19
2  Real Good (Burton Cummings) 3:41
3  Mother Keep Your Daughters In (Burton Cummings) 3:53
4  Something Old, Something New (Burton Cummings) 4:35
5  Nothin’ Wrong with the Road (Burton Cummings) 3:35
6  Gettin’ My Daddy’s Car (Burton Cummings) 3:01
7  Bad News (Burton Cummings, Steve Crossley) 4:28
8  Someone to Lean On (Burton Cummings) 3:11
9  Sweet Sweet (Burton Cummings) 4:56
10  Firefly (Jonathan Cain) 4:45


Bass Ian Gardiner
Guitar Jack Daniels
Guitar Steve Cropper
Guitar Charles Crew
Guitar Fred Tackett
Keyboards Burton Cummings
Keyboards James Phillips
Keyboards Bill Payne
Percussion Lenny Castro
Sax Jim Horn
Horn Andrew Love
Horn Jack Hale
Horn James Mitchell
Horn Jerry Hey
Background Vocals Julia Tillman
Background Vocals Maxine Willard
Background Vocals Clydine Jackson

Other Musicians

3 Mother Keep Your Daughters In

Guitar (solo) Steve Lukather

7 Bad News

Guitar (solo) Steve Lukather

Liner Notes

Producer – Bruce Robb, Burton Cummings
Coordinator (Production) – Jim Martin
Engineer – Bruce Robb
Engineer (Mix) – Bruce Robb, Dee Robb